Fashion in the Wild: Vintage Trip

I am so incredibly lucky to have two cities that I love and live in, and so many people and vintage that I love. This site lets me share some of that with you, and of my joys is meeting people in real life. But let’s be a little honest: combining those lives can be a little difficult. Luckily, my tribe is amazing, welcoming, and open!

This past week I got to go with my Austin love Bloomers and Frocks to LA, where I showed her some of my LA loves. It was a vintage trip full of fabulous clothes, good wine, and great friends!

Rebekka, the owner of B&F, and I got to see Recess LA, The Kit Vintage, Timeless Vixen, Ragg Mopp Vintage (you can see my dress from them here). And more! We shopped, we bonded over a love of vintage, we found amazing things. It was marvelous to see my different worlds combine, and the result was great!

I knew that everyone would get along, but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly everyone “fell in love”. It felt great to see people I love love each other.

And loves, the vintage! All of the shops in LA are simply stunning and have such a great selection right now! Rebekka got so many stunners to take back to Austin. If you are in either of those cities, you are so lucky!

But, what if you aren’t in either of those cities? I bet there’s some amazing vintage where you are, and I would love to hear about it! Got a great vintage place I should be shopping? Let me hear about it. What if you need some recommendations on how to vintage shop, or help finding dealers in your area or online? Let’s chat about it. Maybe together we can have a vintage trip of our own!

You can reach out to me about shopping and vintage trips at!

Hope your Thursday is full of great clothes and great friends!

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