Purple as a Passion

a woman in a TCUFootball shirt, jeans, and over the knee white Chanel flat boots

I’m a firm believer that what we wear helps to tell our stories, and whether or not you have caught on or not- I’m a big football fan. (Cliche? Who knows?) Especially my college football team, TCU. My freshman year at college, we won ONE game (against SMU). We (my friends and the rest of the student body) rushed the field to celebrate, got pepper sprayed by the police (a fact my mom recently learned); and from there it’s been nothing but going up. My beloved Gary Patterson (who I have feelings about how he got let go- if you know you know) took the Head Coaching job and we went from 1-12 to an undefeated season, winning the Rose Bowl, and today we play for the College Football Championship. It’s been a ride, a journey- and with the football gods on our side and a bit of luck, it’s not over yet.

You may have noticed that I wear a lot of purple. Partially because I love the color, but partially because it’s a TCU color and it’s a way to support my team. A part of me knows that this is just a game and TCU has won just by getting there (underdog and if you follow college football you know). And yet, another part of me knows that this is huge- from the opportunity to how much I want my team to win to the reunions happening for so many of my friends (The last time TCU won a Football Championship it was 1938 so it’s not an understatement to say ALL my TCU friends are going or are glued to the TV tonight). I’m bouncing between being completely sure we will win, and wanting to vomit from nerves. (It’s a good thing I’m on the sidelines and not playing!) But, as I don’t play football, what I do is tell stories with my fashion – and that matters too. So, as a tribute, my part, and a way to put my all behind my team I’ve rounded up some of my most favorite purple outfits. Turns out purple is a passion of mine, from the field to the runway, and I thank you for hearing my stories.

Just so you know, I’m counting on all of you rooting for my team and wearing purple today (I’ve essentially taken the day off to do that!) The parts of us that we don’t think are fashion related or may be a little bit cliche? Let’s not shy away from using our fashion to tell those stories too!
Go Frogs! Wear all the purple!

a woman in a purple gown in front of green hedges
in a purple gown for a cousin’s wedding
a woman in a purple plaid dress and shoes in front of a stone wall and trees
in a Holiday perfect gown
a woman in a wrap purple dress and black mules
in a purple day dress
a woman in a one shoulder lavender dress sits on a bike
purple on a bike
a woman in a purple skirt and an off the shoulder blue top with yellow wedges sits on a railing
purple as color blocking
A woman in a purple printed dress with purple sandals in front of an apt building
purple as a print

These are the tip of my purple outfits. I have a favorite pair of purple pants. TCU sweatshirts and tees. I even have purple TCU nikes. My love of TCU football is often told through my fashion, and I promise from a run on the treadmill to cheering my Frogs with my mom and sister tonight, I’ll be wearing purple (as a passion) and telling all sorts of stories. I can’t wait to tell you how we won- and I’d love to know what story you regularly tell with your fashion choices!


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