a woman in a cropped white button down and blue pleated mini skirt on stairs
a woman in a cropped white button down and blue pleated skirt on steps
a woman in a cropped white button down and blue pleated skirt on stairs

I’ve always been a bit nervous about crop tops. My fears? That they wouldn’t look good, would show all the midriff parts I hate on me, and (more recently) would make me look old trying to look too young. (VERY ironic advice from an old acting coach of mine: show the audience where you’re vulnerable and they will fall in love with that. I’m not sure if this applied to wearing cropped tops or not)

Therefore, the most surprised person in the past few seasons has been me: because there are so many cropped tops that I have loved. Crop Top sets, stand alone crop tops, even this button down cropped shirt- I have loved so many, put so many on wishlists, and even dared to wear some. Maybe the cropped tops have changed, or maybe I have. Perhaps I’ve managed to find crop tops that were in my comfort zone and didn’t stoke my fears. Or we could guess that I learned to let some of my fears go- though I have to say that they still pop up from time to time. But, for all my concerns about cropped tops, they are becoming a staple in my closet.

a woman in a cropped white button down and blue skirt on stairs
a woman in a cropped button down and blue pleated skirt on stairs

How did I make peace with the crop? (I’m sure this is where I’m supposed to tell you to also make peace with you, but I think that’s a lifelong work in progress and I’ve found it much easier to make peace with the cropped tops!) First, I think find a crop top that you feel comfortable in. Maybe that means the cropped top isn’t super short, or maybe it’s long sleeved, or is a button down- or any one of the 100s of things a cropped top can be. The thing is you have to like it and feel comfortable in it (read not feel as if you have to pull it down all day) And a pro-tip about feeling comfortable in a crop top- don’t be afraid to size up!

While this cropped top isn’t my only cropped top, I feel so comfy in it- it’s not super short, in fact it is just a hair longer than my waist- and the button down silhouette makes it feel very work appropriate (and a little grown up!).

Second part of how to make peace with the crop top is to love (and feel comfortable in what you pair the crop top with! Maybe that means the skirt (or shorts or pants) are a bit high rise, maybe the bottoms are a bit oversized, maybe there’s a belt, maybe not. There is no tried and true method, which can be frustration as that can mean you’re trying things on. BUT with that much possibility, it means you can have fun.

Years ago, I never would have thought that I could wear an outfit like this (or any of the other shorter, tighter cropped tops I have!). And yet, this outfit is now a spring favorite, I love the way that it makes me feel- and it’s fun. Maybe there’s something to this cropped thing.

Do you wear cropped tops? How? And how did you make peace with them?

This cropped top is Target (I sized up to a Medium) and the skirt is vintage (though I found you similar). The shoes are my beloved Sarah Flints and code SARAHFLINT-BAINVESTMENTPIECE gets you $50 off your first pair!

I can’t wait to hear about how you crop!

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a woman in a cropped white button down and blue pleated skirt on stairs

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