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a woman in a black, white, and gold slip dress with gold wedge boots and a fringe shawl
a woman in a black, gold and white slip dress with a fringe shawl
a woman in a black, gold and white slip dress with gold boots and a fringe shawl

The reason that slip dresses, in particular bias cut slip dresses, come back in style often (we’re not going to talk about how suddenly the 1990s are vintage as it makes me need to lay down) is because they are infinitely flattering. Nightgown. Gown. Dress. Slip. These type of dresses are so easy to slip on, and yet I love that they never look as if there are something that’s just thrown on. From nightgown (which technically this one is, from the 1970s) to gown, these slip dresses wear as if they are made for you- and the styling possibilities are endless.

I could wax poetic about cuts and fits and all the things-or about how I’m a fan of wearing pjs as street wear, or how vintage is so easy to make modern-and while all of those things are true, lately I’ve become more interested in the details of styling.

For Example:

a woman in a gold, white and gold slip dress with a safety pun and fringe shawl

Make it your own. Often when we bat that phrase about I think we think about styling, but make it your own can also mean fit. This fantastic slip nightgown (from my beloved

Normally I would pair a slip dress with heels. And yet, lately, I’ve been wanting to explore my styling, and perhaps get a bit out of my comfort zone. Instead of heels, I’m loving this slip dress with boots- wedge boots to be exact. The gold matches the dress and wedge makes it a bit more like a heel (or at least that’s what I tell myself) While not in my wheel house, I love the boots here. They feel modern, a bit daring, a bit not me but perfectly me at the same time.

Lately, I’ve been incredibly interested in choices that are me but aren’t my go-to, these boots are so me but feel like a fresh change with a slip dress.

a woman in a black, gold and white slip dress with gold boots and a fringe shawl

This shawl was my grandmas (I have a thing for a piano shawl, as they are both statement pieces and simple accessories). I love that it adds a bit of drama to a simple outfit (that’s still stunning), and yet isn’t the star of the outfit. I also love incorporating beloved (be it vintage, family or just special to me) item into my outfits. Here I love knowing that my grandma is with me- though she probably wouldn’t wear her nightgown out, even if it looked like a slip dress! Little details mean a lot to me, and I love knowing what they mean, even if Im the only one who is aware of all of them!

a woman in a black, gold and white slip dress, fringe shawl and gold boots

From any era, I recommend a slip dress. They are flattering and go with so many options- from dance floor to sleeping (and if you like you can wear the same slip dress for all of that!). I’m a fan making things your own with tailoring, and I love shoes that feel both you and a fashion risk. An outfit that you can just slip on and be fabulous? That’s a must in my book!

This slip dress (nightgown) is vintage but I’ve linked similar, as well as these exact boots (a splurge but you can most likely now find them on resale sites- need help with that? Please reach out!), and the shawl is antique but I’ve found you some as well!

What do you slip on? How do you wear a slip dress? Do you wear nightgowns-especially those that look like gowns? I would love to hear all about it!

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a woman in a black, gold, white slip dress, gold boots and fringe shawl

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