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investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion, fashion stories, blogger, Dino causal
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion, fashion stories, Dino causal
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion, fashion stories,

The thing about me is that I do fancy (for some reason) much more easily than I do causal. Perhaps it’s that I try too hard, or maybe I just love a party dress too much- but I can over think jeans and a tee shirt see here. And yes, everything I laid out then is still true, for some reason party dresses, pants, looks, etc come easy to me. I wear casual looks every day- from work out gear (which sometimes I don’t ever change out of) to jeans- but I have a much harder time styling and shooting those looks.

Another way I try to explain this to everyone is that I do extremes well- I can go big or I dress as if I should stay at home. The in betweens? I always feel like I should do something more with them.

However, maybe it’s because it’s a Monday after a holiday and I’m tired, or maybe because the past few years just putting on jeans and a tee has felt like dressing UP, I’m becoming more and more curious about the in-betweens. Playing with just jeans and a tee, showing you some of my day- to-day style. Not that I will EVER stop buying and shooting party dresses (I can’t), but I’m into a bit more casual.

A close up of a woman in a dino printed button down and jeans in front of a white fence
a woman in a Dino printed button down and jeans with cream platform sandals on in front of a white fence

This is my version of casual. Great jeans and great shoes. And because I can’t resist a little something- a fun print.

Another weird thing about me? I love dinosaurs.Like little kid love them. I get excited when I see them and can’t help but want all the Dino things. And I also wear dinos- from sweat pants to button downs. My best tip for Dino fashion purchase? The kids section of Target. As in, yes- that’s a shirt from the little boy’s section (my best tip is that often the kids’ XL is perfect sizing. I highly recommend! If nothing else, it gives you another place to play with your style).

Do dinos (or any graphic that speaks to you) count as casual? Why or why not? And does this count as casual if I simply adore these shoes and think they’re special (as well as what I want to wear all summer)? I’m not sure. But I know this is how I’m doing casual, and it feels like it’s right. Perfect for a casual workday or dinner, and great for the fancy kind of errands.

a woman in a Dino print shirt and jeans with sandals in front of a white fence

How do you do casual? What are your go-tos? And how do you combat the need to make it all a bit special (or is that just me)?

Below I’ve linked the details to this outfit. I can’t wait to hear about your casual dinos and more!

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woman in Dino print button down and jeans in front of a white fencen

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