Fall Mornings

Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: Fall Mornigs

Have I mentioned that I don’t do middles well? Party dress? Easy peasy. Leggings and a sweatshirt? Part of my daily life. But jeans and a tshirt? For some reason that’s hard for me. So. I try at it. Things that make it easier? Fall mornings. There’s something about it being cool for hours helps me put on jeans, a tank, mules- and my secret weapon, a little kimono jacket.

We know I love a multitasker- and this jacket does it all. I have worn it over leggings. And a night gown (which counts as a slip dress). Party dress? Not yet, but I could be talked into putting this over a black cocktail dress at the end of the night. But where I really love it? Fall mornings. It’s just light enough to not truly be a jacket (and it’s cool now, but not truly jacket weather, so it works out!), it’s neutral enough to go with anything (though I’m loving it with jeans and a tank because when I take it off the outfit works as is), and it has a slightly vintage feel (which we know I love!).

Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: FAll Mornings

The thing about middles? Fall mornings are one of them. Right now it’s so lovely in the ams- cool, crisp, promising. But by 12pm it’s hot again. Dressing for this kind of weather is difficult (aka I tend to change a lot or avoid the outdoors). I’m trying to get better at middles, at adjusting. And yes, as simple as it sounds – outfits like this one help me.

Maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m so one way or the other (though I’ll tell you I love layers) that I need outfits that work for middles. Perhaps I need things I can reach for that I know will work when it’s crisp and when temps rise. Or maybe I’ve just been needing something like this for years?

Hard to say. What I do know is that this little jacket has worked as a bed jacket, a morning jacket, taken off, then again put on as an evening jacket. It works for my middles.

Jacket. Jeans. Tank. Slides (which we will talk about – I had to buy them because of the LA but they’re such a fall staple!). Easy. For fall mornings. Or not. Maybe you’re middles need a formula too, and I can’t recommend this one enough.

I’ve linked these exact jeans and jacket below. I would love to know- what do you wear for the middles? Or fall mornings?

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Investment Piece: Fall Mornings

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