Fall 2021 Trends

I’ve been thinking a lot about trends recently. And I know that often within fashion trends can be a loaded word, if we can think of trends as the fashion that’s being offered to us (and style is what we do with them), I think that trends can be something that we can get exited about- and use them (or not) to best tell our stories. This season I happen to love quite a few of the trends, and I’m looking forward to playing with them. Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorites. Of course these by no means are the only trends- as the season goes on more and more will emerge. Some of them don’t truly feel like trends, but more of an exploration of fashion we already know (see cutouts and prints, pleats and shackets). So many of these Fall 2021 trends you can buy vintage (even more to explore and play with!). There are so many ways to style all of these, and over the fall and winter seasons I can’t wait to play with these and I can’t wait to see how you play with them. I have linked some shopping options for you (Those are affiliate links and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!) and of course the best ways to shop trends (and more) with me is to follow me in the ShopLTK and ShopStyle apps (or the links in the search bar!). Now- let’s get to exploring the Fall 2021 Trends!

1990s Revival
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I’ll be honest, I have some reservations about this trend (and this picture may not be a great representation- I was going for slip dress with boots!) I remember the 1990s and feel that so many of the trends- slip dresses, plaid shirts, combat boots, straight leg jeans, have been in and out of popularity since then. I was never into the bigger shoes (I felt like they made my feet look big), but I have been playing with lug sole boots (see here), and I’ve always loved a great slip dress. Perhaps there are gems to play with in this trend? Maybe from maxi cardigans to Rachel Green inspo to chokers, there’s a way to tell our stories?

You can shop slip dresses here, lug sole boots here, and denim options here

Sweater Vests
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This may be the trend I’m most excited about! I know- maybe I’m secretly preppy? I love a good sweater vest with nothing underneath- with pants/jeans/skirts. Sweater vest dresses. Sweater vests over chic dresses or tops. There is so much to play with and so many ways to wear a sweater vest, I’m truly looking forward to being in one all fall!

Shop sweater vests here
And because sweater vests lead to sweater dresses (another fave of mine!) -and those never go out of style, shop some of my current faves here

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I LOVE suits. They are such a chic look – from wearing menswear to a women’s tailored suit. Them being “back” means there are so many suits to explore- leather, bright hues, fancy, Classic, and so many more. This is also a great trend to buy vintage. I will be in suits in all the ways!

Shop suits here

Other trends I’m excited to explore :
-Saturated colors. I love black, but I also love playing with colors!
-Daytime sequins. We know I love to wear party dresses, what makes us think I won’t play with wearing sequins all day?
-Lavendar. One of my favorite colors and something I’m already wearing!
-Plaid. Such a standard. As are cords. I’m exited to see what new offerings we get, and how I can incorporate them into my rotation! (Again, this is a great trend to buy vintage!)

And so many more that I can’t wait to play with!

Then some trends that don’t scream me, but I’ve been known to play with:

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If you ask, I would tell you that neon is not for me. But as you can see, there are times when I have played with neon- and I loved it!

Investment Piece: Fall 2021 trends

On certain trend lists you’ll seen great (especially lime green) named. I will tell you green isn’t my color. But I’ve been proven wrong at least once before. Is this something I should explore?

What Fall 2021 trends are you looking forward to? What trends do you hate? What trends do you maybe want to play with?

I can’t wait to explore it all with this season!

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