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Investment Piece, belt it, Jcrew, Beau Coops, Mother, high fashion, blogger, fashion, CA, TX, fashion stories, into opportunities
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion, fashion stories, into opprotunities, belt it, mother denim, jcrew
Investment Piece,into opportunities, fashion, blogger, high fashion, mother, beau coops, CA, TX

What does your perfect spring day look like? Not just the weather- we could debate temps all day- but the perfect day. I guess I’m also not that interested in what you do-I mean I am- but what I’m really asking is what does the perfect spring day feel like?

In my experience, opinion, whichever suits best!-the end of a season and the beginning of a new one is filled with up and down days. Times when you just feel bogged down, as if things will never change and just tired of it all. Then. The perfect day of the new season comes- in this case spring- and all those things that weigh you down seem lighter, the air is just a bit different, and a lot of hope returns.

You know what I mean? From life to fashion to weather, sometimes seasons go from feeling stuck to into opportunities. Isn’t it funny how that happens overnight?

Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion, belt it, vintage, Jcrew, Beau Coops, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion, belt it, vintage, Jcrew, Mother, CA, TX

Sometimes the opportunities are ones we’ve been chasing, sometimes they’re brand one we never saw coming. It’s the same with outfits- I never knew I was a belt person till I got this vintage lion one. Now? I want to put over everything- including jackets. What started as a whim has become my go-to outfit- and I’m always amazed at what comes my way in it.

And yes- I will die on the hill that a light jacket is the best thing for spring. You don’t want to be too hot, but you also want to ward off the last few chills. Add jeans, and of course a chic shoe and it’s the perfect spring outfit. Fit for any opportunity.

Investment Piece, belt it, fashion, blogger, high fashion, fashion stories into opportunities

What opportunities are you looking for this season? I’m still writing out my goals, setting my sights on what I really want, all while being open to all of the good things that may be (or are) coming my way. I’m also on the look out for any and all outfits that make me feel good- much like this one. I’m trying to keep it simple. But I’m also really shooting high. Is that the way to go into opportunities? I guess we’ll find out!

Please tell me all about the things you’re wearing, your perfect days and your opportunities. I want to hear about them all!
This outfit is one I’ve had on repeat for years (it never fails) and I’ve linked the same pieces, or similar, for you below!
xo RA

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