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Investment Piece: Something Gingham

The beginning of a season is so exciting. Things feel new and fresh, there’s hope, and a long list of things that you may want to do or get done. I used to make seasonal bucket lists of things I wanted to do; I also use to make seasonal mood boards-filled with images I loved and wanted to recreate (at least the vibe of). Yet. Once the pandemic hit I stopped doing those things. Not that I wasn’t noticing the seasons, not that I didn’t want to do/see/wear/be things- but as the world seemed to shrink, I couldn’t bring myself to make lists of things that I couldn’t do. (There’s no worse bummer than making a list you can’t cross off!) So, even though I was marking the seasons- and even (perhaps on a smaller scale) doing and wearing things, the past few seasons I’ve refrained from making lists. It just seemed easier.

This spring? I think I’m ready for another list- to do and see and wear.

However, this year I’m approaching my list differently. It’s not that I don’t have a ton of things that I want to do, but because none of us know what the next few months are going to bring, this spring season instead of making a list “to do” I’m focusing on what to wear- and who I want to be. If what we wear can tell stories (and by this time you know that’s my core belief) I’m thinking about what stories I want to tell, and what I could wear to tell them.

Below I’m listing what I’m shopping- aka what I want to wear, who I want to be, and therefore the stories I want to tell. I would love to know- what stories are you looking to tell and wear this spring?

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At The Gym
As of now, one of my standing social engagements is meeting friends for Pilates class. The teacher is one of my favorite human beings and it just makes me feel good. I’m looking for things that make me feel chic, but allow me to move freely in class- and these new pieces from Carbon38 are perfect. Almost ballerina? The effortless gal? Those may be part of the story! (Also-I can’t say no to a great jumpsuit!)

The Party Look
I have a confession: I am so insecure about my stomach. This is not me asking you to tell me I’m tiny, this is me saying that I am not always comfortable showing off my midriff (the cuts have to be high!). However, I can’t stop thinking about this set- from beach and pool parties to chic dinner dates. I imagine myself sipping champagne – and being the confident me who is unashamed of anything and willing to be vulnerable in it. And these shoes? The shape and the architecture are just stunning! What couldn’t you be in these!?!

The Rain Boot
I’m not cool and mysterious, even though I try. And I’m not sure what I think about the chunky shoe trend- mainly as I worry it will make my feet look really big, ensuring I’m not cool at all. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about these rain boots (a version of my fave JW Anderson mule). I could wear them with leggings or dresses, and I feel like my cool points would raise infinitely.

The Trouser
I have a thing for trousers. Flowing, easy, able to dress for work or play. To me a trouser says you’re an ADULT and effortless, cool, chic, and simply elegant. Maybe a lunch appointment to a trip to the museum?

In the above I see family winery trips, cultural events, swinging parties, afternoons with friends. I see a woman who’s comfortable in her skin, who can laugh and love- and somehow marks off her to-do list regularly! What we wear can be a way to tell our stories, and a way to make lists. Who do we want to be this spring? What do we want to do? And what’s on our wishlist?

I would love to hear any and all of your ideas and wishlists!

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