Party for Two

velvet dress with gloves on it, on a red couch, with black pumps on the floor
a woman in a velvet dress with a glove print on a red couch with her cat
a woman in a velvet dress with a glove print on a red couch

December has the reputation for being the “party” month- and with all the holidays in December, that could be true. However, I argue that February is a party month all it’s own that rivals December. Maybe it’s because we’re firmly in the new year, and spring is coming and we’re ready to get out of the house. Maybe because it’s a short month, with more than one holiday, that it feels as if our weekends book up (or at least mine are!). Maybe it’s because with Valentine’s there are more date nights, Galentine parties, and just nights out in general. So, there’s a chance that you pull out your party looks from the winter holidays (or you buy new! I’m routinely posting some of my February looks from date night to Valentine parties over on LTK and ShopStyle Apps!) and there’s a chance that those looks get a second life.

Full confession? This velvet number- I love the retro feel of it and the glove detail- was a dress that I wore (at home) for NYE. Ironic that I’m changing my styling of the same dress for Valentine’s (aka a party of two)? Yes, I’ll probably still be on the couch, but this time, I’m acknowledging that I probably won’t be in heels at all -I’ll embrace being barefoot. And I’ll be doing all my nails to match the nails on the dress! While I LOVE having my hair up, for a party of two, I’m thinking of wearing it down and just letting it fall. (And if it ends up in a bun at the end of the night, then so be it!) Simple makeup, but a great perfume.

Not a complete 180, but just enough of a difference to make a party dress feel brand new, for a different kind of party.

a woman in a velvet dress with gloves on it on a red couch

This is also where I tell you that I love parties at home- especially parties for two. You get to eat what you like, unlimited refills, no lines, no surcharges. And your party dress can also turn into party pjs if you like! I LOVE dressing up, breathing new life into party dresses I’ve worn before- and I love being able to change it on the fly at home. The coming weeks may have more than one party for two, or girls night, or self love night. I hope that you wear something that makes you feel like a celebration. And I’m hoping whoever you’re with appreciates it too!

I’ve linked this exact outfit for you below! If you style it, I would love to see! And again, follow me on apps for more February party looks!

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