Pasquale Shoe Repair


As a self-proclaimed shoe lover, I can tell you there is no better investment than taking care of the things you love. Yes, I mean shoes. And yet, no matter careful you can be with a thing you love, there’s always a time when you need professional help. Yep, still talking shoes. From heel repair to re-soling to stretching, there’s absolutely no one I trust more with my treasures than Pasquale Shoe Repair


They are Christian Louboutin certified and I have never had them treat me or my shoes poorly. They’ve fixed heels, redone soles, added grips. They even brought shoes that other cobblers had ruined back to life. In short, I can’t explain how much I love them. They are the essence of quality, and yet the prices are not high.


While they are located in LA, they have a mail in option (and will send the shoes right back to you!) and it’s completely worth it!

Here’s to keeping our treasures treasured! XO RA

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