Why You Should Rock Zebra

a woman in a zebra print suit in front of a stone wall
a woman in a zebra print suit and yellow heels in front of a stone wall
a woman in a zebra suit in fronts of a stone wall

I am a firm believer that animal prints are neutral, but I will acknowledge that usually when I’m thinking of animal prints, I’m thinking of leopard. And leopard being a neutral is a hill I’m willing to die on. Yet, leopard isn’t the only animal print (out there, on trend, worth your time) that’s neutral. Perhaps we overlook it, but zebra print (especially in easy separates that read a as a suit but feel like pjs) is something that you should rock – often.

a woman in a zebra suit in front of a stone wall

You can see some of my other favorite zebra print items here.
One of the things that I love about zebra print is that it’s just a bit unexpected. It’s a lot neutral (black and white together? And if you’re someone who wants to follow the “old” rule about not wearing white after Labor Day, this is a nice work around!) and yet a bit bold. Easy to down play, and yet easy to pair with a statement piece- or a pop of color in your shoes, bag, etc.

It’s easy to not think about zebra; as much as black and white make it a neutral, you sometimes have to think about that color combo in new ways. Yet, when you do, so much opens (fashion wise at least) opens up!

a woman in zebra print in front of a stone wall
a woman in a zebra suit in a front of a stone wall

So, why do I think that zebra should be what you rock this fall (aside from the above reasons)? It’s fun. And chic. While zebra can be used as a statement, if used as a neutral you can put your own spin on it, though I have to say I’m currently loving shades of yellow with it!

Zebra is the ultimate combination of playing it safe while standing out that you can rock all season long (and into the the winter and early spring!). I’m loving this jacket that’s a wrap coat and easy pull on pants- and I’ve linked them below! These shoes are from last winter, but I’ve found you similar.

As summer ends and we start fall, what animal prints are you looking to wear? And how?
I’d love to hear all about it!

xo RA

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a woman in a zebra suit in front of a stone wall

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