Color Blocking in the Wild

#InvestmentPiece #coloroblocking #inthewild
#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild
#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild
#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild
#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild
#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild

Do colors make you scared?

Don’t laugh! It’s a serious question. And I have serious answers. (Also a confession: I sometimes get scared of color, too. There’s a reason all black is a go-to outfit. ) I’m sure that I could bring up science, or a color wheel, to talk about what colors go together and why we shouldn’t be scared about mixing them. I could do that. But, I’m not going to-for both of our sakes. Color blocking can be scary, you can have the perfect outfit but you can worry about the colors going together. It is a serious question. And these are my serious answers:

When it comes to color blocking, or any sort of mixing colors, I think that there is only one thing you can do. Try it out . Put on your colors, or lay them next to each other on your bed. Do you like them together? Do they compliment each other? Awesome! You’re ready for step 2! If they don’t, you’re not behind, just try new colors! Once you have colors that you like together, step 2 is super simple. Take your color blocking in the wild . I don’t mean you have to run wild in nature (though I completely support it if you do), but take the outfit for a spin. Go to your event, through your day, to the grocery store. Do you feel comfortable? Do you get compliments? Yay! (I think this is the part where I say we’re ready for step 3; there is no step 3, unless you count putting that outfit into your rotation.) If you don’t, you just go back to your closet and try again! See! Serious answers and a serious plan for getting over our fears about colors!

Right about now you may be thinking that I made this sound a little too simple. I get that, it’s fair criticism. My defense? I think it is that simple. If it’s color, color blocking, or something a bit bigger, I think that we can sometimes over think a problem, when it is really easy. (I’m not the only one guilty of that, right?) Fashion is supposed to be fun. Color blocking is a little like coloring. Let’s keep it simple and let’s not be scared. If I can do it, you can do it. Deal? Deal.

Notes on the Outfit:
These boots are one of my fave things (and name something that doesn’t go with red). They’re dramatic and look great with everything from jeans to shorts to dresses and skirts. I think the key is to balance them with something a bit simple, unless you’re looking for drama!
This maxi shirt dress is a closet staple. It’s perfect for work, and yet can easily be made party ready. It goes great with almost any shoe’ you get to play with accessories depending on your event! (AKA I’m a fan of basics in not-so-basic colors!)

I’ve linked some similar styles below (yes, they are affiliate links, I get a small commission but that doesn’t affect price for you!)

And I would love to know: how do you deal with color blocking fear?


#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild

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