Comfort Zones

a woman in checked denim shirt and pants with a huge belt in front of a concrete wall
a woman in checked denim and big belts and sling back heels in front of a concrete wall
a woman in checked denim shirt and pants with a big belt, sling back heels and in front of a concrete wall

Certain outfits, or outfit combos, are very comfortable to me. No matter what they are- color, pattern, etc- I can go to those outfits and find something I love and something I feel comfortable in.
And I’m a fan of comfort. Really, if your closet is full of things that your feel comfortable in, outfits you always know will work- I’m a fan. (And in full disclosure, there are also hair styles and makeup I’m most comfortable with- which is why a lot of the time you’ll find me in a bun with red lips.)

The thing about comfort zones though? Nothing really grows there. We can get stuck in ruts, we may miss out, we push away things that might actually be great for us.

None of this outfit is really in my comfort zone. Patterned denim? I’ve been wary of it. But I love how this set is almost like a polka dot (one of my faves) with a vintage feel. And more than one youth complimented me on the set, which lets me know that I wasn’t wrong to think it was amazing. Matchy Matchy? I get nervous about it, always thinking that there is something more “fashion” or more of a contrast- turns out a set, and a belt and shoes that go together are enough. My hair is in transition (color, etc), and while my instinct is to pull it up, lately I’ve found products that are amazing for my hair- and am feeling a bit more comfortable wearing it down! Basically, at a glance, none of this outfit is in my comfort zone. But I love it. I felt good in it. And I can’t wait to wear it again.

If we’re only wearing things or outfits in our comfort zone, what amazing outfits are we leaving on the table?

a woman in matching denim shirt and pants with belt and sling backs in front of a concrete wall
a woman in matching denim shirt and pants, belt and sling backs in front of a concrete wall
a woman in matching denim shirts and pants with a belt and sling backs in front of a concrete wall

This is not a plea to abandon all the things (or outfits) that make you comfortable. From gowns to lounge, I’m a fan of comfort, and outfits that feel like you. With this discussion I’m more interested in what outfits, fits, etc, that we’ve dismissed out of hand, thinking that they were not in our comfort zones, when in actuality, the outfits might be more us and comfortable than we knew. Yes, it’s a version of “if you don’t try, you’ll never know”; but it’s also a call to rethink our comfort zones. Are they really comfortable or just familiar? Are there items or outfits that we avoid that might really be great for us? And if so, how do we go about finding out in a comfortable way? (Because no one here thinks you should rush into soothing uncomfortable!)

This outfit, again, was one that was completely one that I didn’t think would be me. But it was. And I love, love wearing it. (Part of what swayed me was the product pics!) Perhaps there are times that straying outside of our comfort zones is actually comfortable. So, how do you tell when that is? When do you wear comfort and when do you experiment?

I would love to hear about it all! I’ve linked this set (note: I’m in an XS shirt and a size 2 pants- both are a bit oversized which I like), as well as versions of this belt and shoes, as well as the hair products I’m now swearing by!

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a woman in matching denim shirt and pants in front a concrete wall

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