Serving Love

a woman in a red corduroy robe holding a cat by a white wall
a woman in a red corduroy robe holding a white coffee mug against a white wall
a woman in red corduroy robe against a white wall
a woman in a red corduroy robe sits against a white wall
a woman in a red corduroy robe sitting against a white wall

Is Valentine’s a day we dress to theme? I know there are date nights, and I’m always a fan of red for those!, I love Valentine’s socks (a bit niche, but true!), but I don’t remember the last time I was intentionally dressing for Valentine’s (no matter how much I was dressing for love!). While I may not be over the top in my Valentine’s (though I do in retrospect own a lot of clothing with hearts on them), I am a fan of themes, and especially of serving in love.

We (as in society) chat about things being “made with love”, and served with love- and I do love the image of love being one of those things that we can just sprinkle about. Even when my looks are edgy or “dark”, I like to think that they are out of love- because I really love my fashion and getting dressed. But what does that really looks like? Just being nice? Just wearing red? One of my favorite quotes is from Nina Simone: “ You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.” (Note: that is much more difficult than it would appear) And I think one of the ways we identify “not love” is by identifying love- or when acts are loving or not loving. The easiest way I’m learning to do this is by being loving to myself. Making myself my favorite things, wearing things I feel good in, spending time with people (or cats- even if I have to force them into pictures with me), and even wearing red if it fits a theme.

Coffee (more than I probably should), walks, time with my cat are how I spend my mornings. It allows me to wake up slowly and go into my day with love. Throughout my day I wear things I love, move my body in ways I love. And sometimes I do it in all in red – but it seemed especially on theme this week, when we take a beat to celebrate love.

This robe is vintage (given in love by my momma), but I’ve found you similar.

I’m hoping that this is a week of love for you. To dress with love. Eat with love. Spend time with those you love. And everything is served with love.


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a woman in a red corduroy robe sitting against a white wall

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