Fashion Stories: How To Style Colored Tights

Remember when I played with colored tights (a bit out of my comfort zone but so fun!)? Well, it turns out that colored and patterned tights are a statement piece for fall. So! I couldn’t help but revisit how we can style them (and I’ve updated some of my fave tights!).

Tights, hose, whatever you want to call them- they are a winter staple and at the same time an accessory to play with. I’ll be honest, I was a little scared of playing with colored tights. If I wore blue tights with a blue outfit would I look like a blueberry? But then I thought- if I can wear all black and feel chic why not play with other colors? If I believe that clothes are how we tell our stories, why not have a little fun?

So- I began to play. From patterns, then patterns with colors. Pastels with neutrals, then pastels with color. And then- bright colors.
My tips?
-Have an outfit formula. For me that was a skirt and a top, meaning that I could add or subtract color of any portion of the outfit. I could go more neutral or add more color.
-Be comfortable and confident. Part of trying anything new is that- simply trying! I tried things on, saw what I liked. I realized that there were days when I would be more bold and days when I would be more timid- but either way I wanted to be comfortable. The only way to get there is to try.
-I broke colored tights into 3 categories:patterns (sub group patterns with color), pastels (the lighter they are the more “nude” they’ll be), and brights(fyi colors like navy and maroon will read closer to black!). Each of these give you so much room to play and have fun!

And I think the main thing is to have fun! As I mention, if we don’t like it, we can always just change our outfits. Throughout the day I’ll be updating these looks on the @shopltk app!

I would love to know: do you rock colored tights? With what? How did you get comfortable with them? When you have a new fashion item how do you style it? I would love to know any and all of it!


Below I’ve linked some of my favorite colored (and patterned) tights! Note: While this post does contain affiliate links, that does not affect the price for you, even thought I might earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

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