Leopards Gone Wild

Investment Piece: Leopards Gone Wild
Investment Piece: Leopards in the Wild
Investment Piece: Leopards in the Wild

If leopard is a neutral, why do I sometimes wear it as a statement? Sometimes, I find myself going wild with things that are true neutrals (yes, in general I think leopard is- but these pants! So subtle! And on top of that, they’re so soft!) and then questioning myself. Can something be both a basic and a statement? A neutral and wild?

I know, some of this depends on the outfit- and the day. There are days when I’m big and bold, I can take up all the space. And, days when I’m more quiet, more to myself, when my space is incredibly personal and not something I share. Neither of those descriptions have even touched on my outfits (that not only change daily, but sometimes hourly). If I can hold all those multitudes why not my outfits? Why can’t leopards both go wild and be subtle?

Investment Piece: Leopards gone wild

Really, this is a simple, easy outfit. These pants are corduroy, soft, draw string, and just this side of being sweats. The leopard print is just there, barely. A simple sweater and chic clogs? It’s just a fall outfit- for errands or work or meetings or lunch or your day. But. On what felt like it might be the last warm, super green day of the fall (you know, the one right before the weather turns for good), I couldn’t help but use this outfit to make a statement. In the wild. No retouching, just my garden in its last hoorah (that vine is a pumpkin plant that I planted “accidentally” aka put out pumpkins last year and this year I have a plant!) and basic plants with a statement to make.

If these leopards can go wild, what can we do today?

Investment Piece: Leopards gone wild
Investment Piece: Leopards gone Wild

What does it mean to be both a statement and a neutral? Could it mean that you speak up when it’s needed and let things be when you don’t need to meddle? Perhaps, it means that you can adapt and fit in anywhere- even when fitting in means you pop.

It’s Monday, and you may need to go wild. Or, maybe you need to stay basic. Whatever you need I hope you find it today and I hope your outfit is superb!

I’ve linked these pants for your wildness below!

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Investment Piece: Leopards in the Wild

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