Now and Then: Strapless Dress

Investment Piece: Strapless Dress

Everything comes back. Or is it that nothing ever leaves?
I’m endlessly fascinated by what comes back around, or what is en vogue- now and then. Take these strapless dresses. One is a vintage Laura Ashley from the 1980s:

Investment Piece: Strapless Dress

And one is from last year (a Mara Hoffman, one of my favorite brands):
Investment Piece: Strapless Dress

Even though these dresses were made about 40 years apart it is stunning how alike they are. Both strapless. Fitted through the hip and thigh, with a more full skirt. Yes, different colors and different fabrics. But almost basically the same dress.

(For styling purposes, I paired each with the same belt)

Investment Piece: Strapless Dress
Investment Piece: Strapless Dress

Trends do come and go- but what about when they come back? Do you buy vintage or new? There is always excitement with the new. Maybe there’s a twist, different fabric, more exciting patterns, and new is always attractive. But. Vintage- sometimes there’s just a draw, times that you can’t beat the vintage seams, and often you can get deals on vintage dresses.

Personally, I like both. Often I can find on-trend items vintage that are a bit orginal. And often, the on-trend new items are a bit more modern. Both vintage and new have colors and patterns I love. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding between new and modern. Now and then.

Yes. Many times I get both modern and vintage. When I love something I really love it – in all its forms. And especially with dresses like these- how could you choose?

Investment Piece: Strapless Dress
Investment Piece: strapless dress

I highly recommend strapless dresses for spring/summer. They can move effortlessly from casual errands and lunches to cocktails. They’re the perfect amount of covered, and perfect for the hot weather. Now or then. Modern or vintage. How do you strapless dress?

I’ve linked some modern versions (and similar Mara Hoffman dresses) and some vintage Laura Ashley’s for you below!


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