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Investment Piece: NYE at Home

There are many people in your life (me included) who will promote sequins at NYE. And sequins fit- they’re shiny and perfect to say goodbye to one year and hello to a new one. Nights out, the big parties that we’re “supposed” to have on NYE? They’re nice. And fun.

But, if I’m honest? The best NYE I’ve ever had have been at home. Either with small dinner parties, or movie nights, or date nights at home. You can have the best food, the best time, and stay cozy inside. It’s my one pro-tip for NYE.

Well. Actually, it’s one of two. Because if you’re staying in to have a great night, the outfit you need isn’t sequins. The outfit you need for NYE at home is chic pjs.

Investment Piece: NYE at Home

Chic pjs and entertaining at home are nothing new- have you seen the hostess dresses and nightgown vintage sets? Yet, when we chat about NYE outfits we rarely mention them. Yes, people talk about lounging at home- but I feel like it’s rare to talk about the chic pjs, the ones that absolutely are statement outfits, the pjs that you should invest in.

Investment Piece: NYE at Home

I’ve always been a fan of wearing my pjs out in the world (when they’re cute there’s no reason not to show them off! See here for starters), and especially on a night when you may be entertaining chicly at home there are so many pjs to choose from. From feathers (the black set listed below might be my NYE outfit this year) to kimonos, slip dresses (which almost don’t count as pjs) to silk sets. All any of these need is a stylish heel and you’re set to entertain- or at the least, drink Champagne on the couch!

Chic pj sets are something that I truly love, just because of the versatilality. You can wear them as outfits, or in bed. Entertain or cozy up. Wear the sets separately or pair with heels/Blazers/etc to make a true “outfit”. And as much as I love sequins, and the parties, and events- at heart I can be a true homebody, so these chic pjs for a NYE at home are right up my alley.

Investment Piece: NYE at Home

I hope whatever you do on NYE you have a ball. But no matter the plan, might I interest you in some chic pjs? For NYE at home, or out on the town, I may have found you the perfect lounge set to wear!

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