Blue Christmas

Investment Piece: Blue Christmas
Investment Piece: Blue Christmas
Investment Piece: Blue Christmas
Investment Piece: Blue Christmas

Tis the time of year for holiday dressing. And if we’re honest, that usually means reds, greens, plaids, maybe sequins for NYE. I’m guilty of that as well. At this time of year it’s easy to adorn ourselves in the usuals- and to be fair, we look great.


What if there was more to holiday dressing than just the Reds and greens, etc? What if a blue Christmas was exactly the thing that we need? (And while I love the song, to be clear, I’m not talking about the heartbroken kind, but the look amazing in a blue dress kind of Christmas. Or any other winter holiday!)

Investment Piece: Blue Christmas

The good news about holiday dressing? Color is encouraged. And dressing in color is always fresh and exciting (this is the part where I openly admit that I stick to black a lot- but that’s a different story), but when it’s always the same colors it can get stale fast. What I love about blue at the holidays?

It’s a bit unexpected. One know that you might be in red, green, plaid, black or sequins- while blue is associated with some winter holidays (like Hannukah), we don’t often seen party dresses in blue. While being “traditional”, blue is the secret weapon of dress colors.

Because it’s unexpected, when you’re wearing blue during the holidays you get to write the most exciting stories in it. From shining light on what others might not see, to standing out in a see of red and green, when you’re in blue at Christmas, you get to call the shots.

Me? In this slightly metallic, pleated- and oh those buttons- blue, I feel refreshed. Ready to be seen. A bit glam and a bit subtle. It’s vintage (very up my alley) but feels modern and new. In this Blue Christmas dress, I’m excited for the holiday- and excited for everyone to see this dress.

Have you worn blue for the Christmas season? What kind of stories did you tell in it? How did it make you feel?
This number is vintage, but I’ve found you similar linked below for your blue Christmas pleasure.

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Investment Piece: Bue Christmas

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