Star Point

Investment Piece: Star Point
Investment Piece: Star Point

If I had to choose, I would tell you that my favorite pattern is polka dots. However, my second favorite, and one I can never resist is stars. Maybe it’s because of my acting training (and movie star childhood dreams), maybe it’s the fact that my birth announcement was star themed, or maybe it’s because stars are just a bit magical.

The point is I can’t resist them. So. I wear them.

Investment Piece: Star Point
Investment Piece: Star Point
Investment Piece: Star Point

Sometimes my stars are very fancy (see here and here), sometimes they’re casual (see here and here) but my stars are always a go to. (I think I’m making the argument that stars are a neutral!)

This time, I found my stars on a jumpsuit, perfect for summer to fall transitions (I know, I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by!), errands, evenings out, and all the things that we do.

Here’s what I love about this star jumpsuit:
-The stars are big but not overwhelming. They’re not exactly subtle but I love how these stars are spaced out!
-This green color! I have something for it- anytime I need to reach for a more casual pant, this is the hue that I end up loving. Slightly fatigue-ish? The allusion to a flight suit? I’m not sure what it is, but like the stars, I can’t resist it
-The waist tabs. Yes, jumpsuits such as this one can be a bit more casual and the oversized look can be hard at times to pull off, so I love the option to make the waist a bit more fitted.
-The black stars go perfectly with my favorite black sandals, but would also go with heels, wedges. I’m a personal believer that there is no wrong shoe.
– One of my favorite patterns is just easy here. It’s simple but I feel special when I wear it. What else can you ask from an outfit?

Investment Piece: Star Point

While this jumpsuit is sold out, I went ahead and linked it (so you can sign up to be notified if it restocks in your size!) and I’ve also linked similar items!

What’s your star point?

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Investment Piece: Star Point

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