The Best Jewelry Trends of 2021

I’m pleased to have a guest writer today! Let me introduce you to Suzy Walsh of House of Elegance Fashion. Today she’s been kind to share with us her top jewelry trends of 2021! I hope that you enjoy!

Check Out the Best Jewelry Trends of 2021
Quarantine, limited traveling, WFH, social distancing – The global pandemic has changed the world like never before. It’s not surprising that the fashion industry has also changed drastically in the last couple of years. Brands and designers have launched virtual shows, and fashion weeks were rather damp squibs, thanks to low-key arrangements, which obviously was the need of the hour. While masks may prevent you from showing of your lip colour, jewellery doesn’t have to wait. In this post, we are sharing the best spring 2021 jewellery trends that need your attention.

The Beaded Look
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

Colourful beads make for great statement jewellery, and you could see the trend almost everywhere. Some were layered neckpieces; others were single chains with tons of colourful breads. If you want some inspiration, check the collection of Versace, Jason Wu, and Kenneth Ize. Team these simple neckpieces with any colour or outfit of your choice. For a regular day, this could add a little bit of colour to otherwise drab outfits. View here for some colorful summer dresses! (Not a commission link!)

Pearls are Back!
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

Some years back, Chanel came up with these pearly chokers, which eventually ended up being a staple for every fashionista. Turns out, Pearls are not reserved for grandmothers anymore. Many top labels and designers used pearls in so many different ways. From danglers to minimalistic earnings, there is something for everyone. For those who want to see how the idea shaped up, check the collections of Simone Rocha and Jason Wu. You can also go for a dainty chain with a pearl pendant – timeless and classic at once!

Shoulder Earrings
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

No wonder, some of us like to go all out when it comes to trends, and this one is just for these fashionistas. Earrings, which almost play with the shoulders, were an instant hit in Spring 2021, and you could spot this trend in collections/shows of Dolce & Gabanna, JW Anderson, and Ulla Johnson, among others. Some were minimalistic and simple, while others were bold enough to create an instant statement. When you try something like this, you may want to mute everything else in the look.

Necklace Bags
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

If there has to be one trend that stood out in jewellery in 2021, this has to be the one. Necklace bags – that sounds weird, but the idea is effective and fun at the same time. You are basically wearing a bag around your neck, except for the fact that these are not functional bags, but meant to mimic the look. The idea came alive at Chanel, Etro, and Balenciaga, to name a few. What if you don’t find the exact trend in your regular stores? Well, all you need is a miniature bag with a long handle, and you can easily pull off the look.

Final Word
Jewellery trends are always about experimenting with new things, and we are glad that none of these trends listed above are boring or seem repetitive. Check online stores that have a bunch of designs and styles that can replicate these ideas, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

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Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger, chief editor for The House of Elegance Fashion. She regularly writes on trends, fashion, and runway styles and is an advocate of sustainable fashion.

I hope you loved this look at Jewelry trends. You can find any of these new or vintage- if you want help shopping or putting together outfits around these trends please reach out to me or Suzy at House of Elegance Fashion, we would love to help! Xo RA

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