Under the Wire

Investment Piece: Under The Wire
Investment Piece: Under the Wire
Investment Piece: Under the Wire
Investment Piece: Under the Wire
Investment Piece: Under the Wire

Are there things that you don’t wear once the season changes? And I don’t mean obvious weather issues (aka you stop wearing short and switch to pants when it gets cold). I mean- are there non-obvious things in your closet that you somehow have labeled one “season” or another, and feel as if you can’t wear that thing when it’s not its “season”?

I have recently fallen in love with a (new to me) designer (more on that later), and I got this skirt. It does have a touch of linen in it (but not really), but in my head it was a summer work skirt (those pleats, like a perfect trouser, but a skirt). And of course, by the time I got to wearing it a lot (and shooting it for you), it was no longer summer. Though it was still hot. This got in barely under the wire.

And while there are definite deadlines in my life, this was most likely a self imposed one. Mainly as I thought this would look best with a tank top, and now that I’ve shot it I want a big sweater and boots with it. What can I say? I adapt quickly (there’s a winky face here). Yet- self imposed or not, getting this in under the wire (just barely) felt great. It felt like an accomplishment.

I have no idea what it says about me that outfits are accomplishments, but I met the deadline. Just under the wire.

Investment Piece: Under the Wire

This skirt is A.W.A.K.E Mode- a UK line with an edgy, modern take on not only work basics but shoes and dresses, and bags! I’ve loved everything I’ve seen of theirs- including this skirt. You can shop them here (though they have a ton of US based and global based stockists) and I’ve linked some of my current favorite pieces- including the fringe sandals I’m in love with!

Investment Piece: Under the Wire

Last note: I vividly remember one time in my freshman year of college I was required to wear pleated shorts for something. I HATED them. I thought they were so unflattering. My mom told me that there would come a time when I loved pleats. I guess that time is now? Is that just under the wire or just in time (another winky or laughing face is here- it just makes me laugh)?

I would love to know the last outfits you’re getting in under the wire. And how you might be wearing them for the new season! Linked bell are the A.W.A.K.E Mode pieces I can’t top thinking about!

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