Sunday Chronicles: Happy Spring!

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Tomorrow is the official first day of spring, ironic as winter is making its last stand where I am, it’s so cold and rainy! And while it doesn’t feel like spring, like all of the flora and fauna outside I feel as if I’m finally getting used to the new year (more irony, in astrology spring-or Aries season- is the new year, which makes a lot of sense!) and beginning to “bloom”. Aka making progress to wear I want to be, setting in my goals, and feeling good. The energy has me wanting to do all the things. So let me be one of the first to wish you: “Happy Spring!” Spring is a short season in the places I live; summer comes very quickly. Yet, I love spring. I love the warm but not burning temps, the sense of beginnings, and the way we really into the things we set intentions for in the new year. Though it may be short, I’ve listed my favorite things to do during spring, from flowers to closet cleaning. However you celebrate I wish you all the joy that a spring can bring!


Wildflower Day
From pictures to just taking in the beauty, I think that a day spent in blooms is a day well spent. Make a day of it and do a picnic, or maybe a hike? Whatever you do, make sure that you enjoy the wild flowers before summer!

Closet CleanOut
I know, spring cleaning is cliche. But, it works. Spring is a great time to do a sweep of your closet, get rid of anything that no longer serves you, and move spring items to the front of your closet. It’s also a great time to make a trip to the cleaner or tailor and make sure that all the things you love for spring are ready!

Make a Spring Wishlist
Along with making sure your spring closet is clean, spring is a great time to make a spring Wishlist. Shocking, I know, that I would support shopping. But someone has to get all those great new spring things. It may as well be you! A Wishlist lets you make a note of what you need, find items you love, and stay within a budget!

Refresh Your Goals
A bit like cleaning out your closet or designing your wishlist, I think that spring is a great time to look at your goals. Adjust your routine. Measure your progress and revise strategy if necessary. Or scratch everything and make new goals. It’s a time of new beginnings and a time to bloom, it’s a great time to make use of it!

Dine al Fresco
Before it gets too hot, spring is a great time to make use of the patios in your life. From dinners in the backyard to happy hours on a patio, I love being outside during this time of year!

I’d love to know: what do you love to do during spring? What’s on your spring bucket list?

wishing us all a week of new beginnings and amazing shoes! Xo RA

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