Investment Piece: #groundbreakingInvestment Piece: #groundbreaking
Investment Piece: #groundbreaking

You know that joke about groundbreaking florals for spring.

I know that joke.

So, we don’t have to say it, right? Not saying it doesn’t make it any less true or funny; but if we’re all thinking it? We don’t have to say it.

And yes, it’s groundbreaking florals for spring. Which might not be so groundbreaking. We’re offered florals every spring, right? (And sometimes in the fall). Moody florals, dark florals, big florals, small florals, bright florals, daisy florals. There’s never a shortage of them, and if you always have your pick of them, it doesn’t feel groundbreaking.

So we don’t need to tell the joke.

Maybe the magic is taking something that’s not groundbreaking, and making it your own kind of groundbreaking. Fresh florals?

Investment Piece: #groundbreaking
Investment Piece: #groundbreaking
Investment Piece: #groundbreaking

Let’s go back to the beginning. Can florals be groundbreaking? Is there a way to make something that’s a staple your own?

My take? Yes. I think that there’s no other way to wear florals than in a groundbreaking, personalized way.

But, what does that mean?

Well, that probably depends on you. I’m partial to a moody floral, there’s’ something about the dark and the flowers that I like. I’m partial to vintage–done, and redone. This number, with the show stopping ruffle/cape is vintage, but it feels fresh. I love that it flounces, but reads more formal than sun dress.

(Confession? This dress paired with my crazy hair makes me feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw. Which I don’t hate.)

Your groundbreaking floral? You have options. Light/dark, big/small, formal/casual. I think the question becomes: what do you like? What do you feel? Any fashion item only feels and looks stale when we wear what we’re “supposed” to wear, instead of what we like. So can florals be groundbreaking? Absolutely. (Go ahead, read that in Big’s voice). All it takes is you wearing florals the way that you like. That’s the groundbreaking part.

Investment Piece: #groundbreaking

Side note: Feel free to wear shoes with your groundbreaking florals. I didn’t just because I had to climb to get on the ledge.

This floral number is a vintage piece from Timeless Vixen, but you don’t have to despair! There are so many options for you, both vintage and modern. I’ve linked all kinds of florals below, I’d love to see how you make them groundbreaking!


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Investment Piece: Groundbreaking

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