Sunday Chronicles: Reset Inspiration

I went to write about a reset this weekend. In all honesty? I’m burnt out (not due to the blog or fashion but being completely wiped leads me to being VERY uninspired and behind), and that on top of worldly events (war, pandemic, etc. I know we’re supposed to be over it all but what if we’re not?), and I’m currently trying to stay afloat. In a perfect world, we could all have some time off, some time to reset. However, in the world we’re in we’re often resetting on the go. How do we do it? What do we need to completely reset? I looked back at this post- and I’ve been doing the same things- movies, rest, some favorite foods, cat snuggles. I’m hoping that we’ll get to a point where I feel like myself again. In the meantime, I’m still looking for reset inspiration- and open to any and all ideas!

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I’m going to call myself out on something I’m probably not supposed to:

Lately, I’ve been un-inspired.

Part of it has been my schedule. I’ve been a little overbooked, a little tired, and a little in need of time off. Forcing the issue: trying to plan shoots, outfits, doing the admin, all the things, has left me feeling really depleted.

The weird thing? I’m really excited about some of the things in the works. Outfits/shoots/collabs. There is so much good stuff coming!

So, where has my inspiration gone?

I’ve been battling massive headaches with the weather changes, and that could be a part. This month has just felt heavy in some ways, and that could be it.

But, I’ve made the decision that instead of forcing the inspiration this weekend, I would let it find me. So I took time off (could you tell?). I went to the movies (twice! A Star is Born for the second time and First Man-see them both!) I avoided social media. I vegged out. And by Sunday evening, I’m hoping that things are back to normal–that I’m inspired/working/excited.

My question for you, my loves, what do you do when you’re not inspired? How do work through when you’re depleted? Is there anything you would like to see on site? Are there any questions you have for me?

Comments and emails and DMs are all open! Tell me all about it!

Wishing us all a week of inspiration and amazing shoes! XO RA

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