Fashion Stories: Wedding Guest

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress under string lights

One of my first posts in this series was about wedding dresses (and how we hang onto them and why) while wearing my great-great-grandma’s wedding dress (you can read about it here). So, in a way, it seems a bit full circle that I’m now writing about being a wedding guest (and what I wore and why) for a recent family wedding.

Let’s be honest: weddings are a great ritual, a great party, a great time and a stressful event for many. Recently my cousin got married (and I’m not sharing pics as it’s not my news but let me say that she was STUNNING and that the event- from top to bottom- by a lake, with gold Dinos as decorations, with family dancing- was just perfect), and like anyone else, I worried about what to wear to the wedding.

I was not a part of the bridal party, but I am who I am, and knowing that Id see family that I don’t often to visit with, when my invitation said “cocktail”, I knew that I wanted to look special (and not upstage the bride). So, below, from lunch with cousins to wedding to the morning after brunch (of which I was a hostess), I break down what I wore and why. Weddings are big stories- for all of us. I hope my choices help you in similar situations, or just inspire you to get dressed up!

Cousins Lunch
a woman in a white silk shirt and lilac corduroy pants with snakeskin mules

The day before the wedding, I had lunch with come cousins I hadn’t been able to catch up with in years! A casual affair, yes, but I wanted to look my best! My choice? A silk shirt with corduroy pants. Easy, seasonal, and yet chic- this combo would work with any color combo (I happened to choose purple and white for my college colors and CFB season!) and while I choose a chic flat, from boots to heels almost any shoe will do!

What I love: it’s easy and yet elegant. Super on point with textures, and easy to customize with colors and shoes!

What I would do differently: I did feel a bit undone. A belt would help, or adding more jewelry!

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress on rocks by a lake

You may have read about this dress here. It’s new (to me, vintage Hanea Mori) and when I got it, I knew that I had to wear it to the wedding. I felt as if it were perfect- fallish colors, midi length, long sleeved, and cocktail. But not overpowering – it wasn’t a gown, it’s a cocktail dress- and with the right gold shoes and jewelry, I felt like I nailed it!

What I love: everything. Everything about this dress. The fit. The color. Invite me to all your events so I can wear it again! I also felt like it wasn’t so over the top that I upstaged anyone (the last thing I would want to do!) but yet felt so good in it (and got a ton of compliments!).

What I would change: Not. A. Thing.

Morning After Brunch

a woman in a Dino print button down with sleeves rolled up and black jeans

For the morning after brunch, I knew that I needed something casual (yet chic), and I wanted to make a nod to the happy couple! As the table decorations at the reception were decorated with gold painted Dinos I felt as if a Dino shirt would be incredibly appropriate! Paired with a “nice” pair of jeans (and un-pictured amazing shoes!), it was a hit!

What I loved: Such an inside joke and felt like a cute outfit, even when I was “working”

What I would change: I loved the outfit but as we had to clean before and after the brunch I wish I had brought non-high waisted comfy pants and something I didn’t care about getting dirty for that!

I was very lucky as I didn’t have to travel for this wedding, meaning that if I put something on and it didn’t work I had my entire closet at my disposal. I know that’s not always the case, so a few of my wedding guest dressing tips:

-Plan in advance and take a backup. You just never know!
-Comfort and chic-ness are key. Yes, you want to impress everyone you haven’t seen in ages, but you want to move and dance, etc, with ease. There is a balance to be found!
-Look your best but adhere to the “rules”. Usually this means no white dresses, no overdressing, no upstaging the bridge, etc
-Have fun! Weddings are for the couple- and for families! Enjoy it all, from the event to what you wear!

What have you worn to recent weddings and what concerns about wedding dressing do you have? I would love to help you out with them and hear all about it!