Sunday Chronicles: Gift Guides 2022

A woman in plaid shirt and black pants standing by a Christmas Tree

Every year I struggle with gift guides. Do I post them? Do I ignore them? It’s not that I don’t like gifts (I do!) and ironically I feel as if I’m a good to great gift giver (more on my gift giving philosophy in a moment), yet I don’t know that I’ve mastered gift guides. Or how and when to post them. Part of the gift thing is (for me- my gift giving philosophy) that gifts are personal. We all want to be seen and heard by the people in our lives, and gifts are a way to do that. As good as I am at shopping, ask me for general gift ideas for “him” or “for your uncle” and I freeze like a deer in headlights. But tell me your hubby loves craft cocktails and smoky flavors, or that your uncle loves the opera, bow ties, and to entertain. Tell me your aunt loves crochet and football and yet hates the color pink. Those are details that I can work with- those are details that make gifts personal and appreciated. That’s the kind of gift giving I love shopping for and wrapping!

(Note: Look, we all ask for money for gifts. I do- mainly as I know most people would rather give me a bit towards my huge shopping goals rather than splurge on one huge gift for me. And I think that’s thoughtful. I give gift cards to all service workers in my life (usually with cookies!) and I hope that’s thoughtful. This is not about disparaging those gifts. This is about personal and thoughtful gift guides that won’t suggest yet another impersonal tie, whiskey rock, tea towel, etc! Money is great! Gift Cards are great! I write yearly in defense of them, see here! This is moving us beyond those!)

So. If I’m only really great at doing specific gifts, or gifts for people who have specific tastes, and/or suggesting things that I would like, how do I go about gift guides? And do gift guides take away from any fashion or outfit conversation we have here? These are the questions I’ve been battling with since I started Investment Piece. This year? I think I finally have some answers that I love- and I hope you will too!

Starting this year I’m not doing gift guides on the blog. We’ll chat holiday dressing (of course!) and what I’m wearing through the season, but this is the post about gift guides (ironically without a true gift guide!). If you’re subscribed to our email list (and if you’re not I suggest you do! I’m updating our investment piece guide today!), every week (on Wednesdays) you’ll get an email with a specific gift guide (from Advent Calendars to hostess gifts to beauty to his and hers). I’m planning on being detailed (culling from research on not only what I would like but based upon people in my life and what they have asked for!), specific, and I hope helpful!

(Need more! For one on one suggestions or more details options feel free to email me at and we’ll go holiday shopping!Also, check the shopping apps, both ShopStyle and LTK for weekly updates. I will be posting gift guides there throughout the season!)

To recap- sign up for our email lists and check my shopping apps. Email me for help. In general? Gifts should be so personal- that’s what makes them thoughtful, so if you’re seeing your people I know you’re doing a great job shopping for your people!

Wishing us all a week of great shopping and amazing shoes! XO RA

I am breaking this rule and linking to a general gift guide here! It is an affiliate link, which means though it does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from it! Thank you for your support!