Is Social Media Ruining our Style?

a woman sits on a rock in a black and white skirt, black crop top and yellow shoes

How many trends and style tips do you get from Social Media? If I’m being honest, I have to say I occasionally get a ton from Instagram- from outfit ideas to styling hacks. And I know I’m a part of that world, and always hope that you get inspiration and tips that improve your life. but, I read

Some of my most favorite outfits have been inspired by pictures or pieces I’ve found online. And yet, some of my other favorite outfits have been just put together in my head/closet. In my experience, finding your personal style can be a process that takes years, goes through its own seasons, and ebbs and flows. Personal style can be influenced (even without social media I don’t see how any style could be 100% free of influence), but how do we ensure our style is (mainly) our own?

I know mastering your personal style can feel overwhelming (and expensive). Here are some things I do that may help:
-Take the inspiration. You can’t get away from it. And part of developing your style is seeing what you like. From ad campaigns to OOTD of people you like, see what you like on other people. The next step is seeing what you like on you. Recreate the looks (with pieces you have or pieces you get!)

-Clean out your closet. A step I hate. Mainly, as sometimes it means being honest with yourself about what works for you- and what fits your life (I am a fan of statement and special pieces and hanging onto them but that’s another post!). There are a ton of pieces on closet staples, but if those staples don’t fit your life they aren’t for you. My goal is to have a closet full of things that bring me joy, look like me, and fit my life. That means party dresses, great yoga pants, and statement shoes. What fits your life? And what brings you joy?

I chat about it more here. And I once wrote about hating the current trends here and how I deal with it!

I don’t know where keeping up with TikTok (or IG) trends fits into ere you only buy into trends that you love 100%, or only wearing your favorite colors, or taking each inspiration and putting your own twist, using your own pieces, on it. I’m still playing with this balance,of searching for inspiration, keeping up with trends and keeping my style my own.

How do you take inspiration and yet keep your own style? Do you think that social media consumption hurts your style? I would love to know your thoughts!