Just Jeans

a woman in slightly flared jeans and a silky sheer top with platform shoes
a woman in slightly flared jeans and a silky sheer top with platform shoes
a woman in slightly flared jeans and a silky sheer top with platform shoes

I’m not great at in betweens (I may have mentioned that once or twice see here, here, and here for starters). But there are times when in-between- or just jeans (aka what I call not a party dress, because truly, a party dress of some sort is always my go-to) However, there are times when just jeans are such a treat, especially when the outfit straddles the line between casual and statement.

Just like these slight flares with this ever so sheer shirt and the most incredible flatform shoes (see details here, and while I bought these Gucci years ago, I know that this style is avail on eBay and Vestaire -and I’m sure other resell sites about!) Just the slightest bit of a statement, just this side of casual.

Maybe I am getting good at this whole just jeans thing or in betweens.

a woman in slight flares and a slightly sheer shirt with flatforms
a woman in slight flare jeans and a slightly sheer shirt with flateform shoes
a close up of pink and yellow flatform shoes and slight flare jeans

My secret to wearing just jeans? Dress them to the occasion. Aka when I had to go to a meeting (that yes, could have been an email) I needed to dress up just a tad so I would feel great about going (and of course if you don’t need to dress up to bribe yourself to go anywhere jeans look just as great with a t-shirt or sweatshirt, but I’m sure you knew that! Jeans are also easy to pair with everything from slippers to heels but I’m sure you knew that too!) I had to wear a shirt and shoes that made it feel like an occasion. (side note: with sheer or sheerish shirts you have options- play sheer up with black underthings or play sheer down with nude or slips underthings. Whatever you’re most comfortable with or whatever your occasion calls for!)

While there have been times when I didn’t know how to style or deal with just jeans, as I’m getting older-or more comfortable in my skin- the more comfortable I am in just jeans. And of course that also means that you need jeans that fit you insanely well. For me, that means a high waist (I am stupid high waisted), and a bit of stretch never hurt no body, a slight flare seems to be in right now- but any jean that feels good on you is good. Any top- from sheer to tee to sweatshirt- that you feel good is in good.

I don’t know that I believe in just jeans. Every outfit tells a story, and the jean outfit we wear to meetings to errands to brunch to occasions are different, special, and yours. For every just jeans outfit I hope that you find something that helps you tell a story that is anything but just (because none of our stories are just something!)
a woman in slight flare jeans and a silky sheer shirt with flatworm shoes

What do you wear with jeans? And do you ever think there’s a “just jeans”?
I’ve linked these exact jeans (on sale) and top (under $50!) for you below. These shoes are from seasons ago, and again you can find them resale (if you want help with that please reach out!) but I’ve also linked similar ones below!
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