Never Gets Old

I love getting new outfits and playing with them- but I love my wardrobe. A friend of mine (Mrs Emily, whose skirts you’ve seen here and here) often chats about how when we’re building our wardrobes, it’s important to pick pieces that fit our life, that we love, and that love us back. I know that so much of blogs like this one, IG, etc are about always getting new (and I do LOVE shopping) but having a closet full of pieces that make you feel good is truly the goal. My favorite things? I love rewearing them, restyling them, and throwing them on for whatever the days throw at me.

When you really love a fashion piece, it never really gets out. Repeat outfits? They’re like having brunch with your best friends. In honor of that, here are a few of my favorite repeats, that never get old. What do you think about repeat outfits? How are you building your wardrobe?

a woman in a wrap dress with a star print
woman in a black and white sheath dress with a star warp dress over it
This DVF wrap dress is a go to on it’s own, but I’ve also loved layering it over a dress!

a woman in a lavender dress
a woman in a lavender dress
This lavender dress is such a stunner, I can change my shoes, throw a blazer over it, it always works!

a woman in a denim dress
a woman in a denim dress
Another go to? The best chambray dress!

And of course: the strapless swimsuit I wear as a body suit with EVERYTHING:
a woman in a black swimsuit and brown silk skirt
a woman in black strapless top, black pants and leopard corset in front of a rock formation
a woman in white shorts and blazer with a black straless bathing suit and heels in front of green trees

I can’t wait to hear about your go-tos! I’m also excited to add to my go-to’s this season!