How to OverDress Sneakily

a woman in a gold and purple caftan and brown platfroms
a woman in a gold and purple caftan and brown platforms
a woman in a gold and purple caftan and brown platforms

I know that you’ve heard me say that party dresses are some of my favorites. There has never been one that I can say no to. And I tend to overdress. Not on purpose! But yes, I am that friend who will show up cocktail ready (in more ways than one!) no matter how many times you tell me that the event is casual.

And yet. Maybe my second favorite thing (fashion wise at least) is an outfit that seems FANCY yet feels like pjs. Wearing your pjs works. And vintage lingerie is more than adequate. But so many of my favorite outfits- when I’m told that I’m overdressing- are the ones that are easy. That feel good. That still let me overdress.

So is it possible to overdress (in a sneaky way) and get the high of high dressing and yet deep like you’re in your pjs?

Yes. They are called silk caftans. And when paired with platforms (though I’ve also worn this dress to the grocery store with sandals and gotten compliments on it!)
And while this one was gifted (from Silk Ranch It is not influenced by that! In fact, you can see how much I love their silk caftans and pants here.

And in fact, as much I wasn’t influenced, the first few times I wore this dress, I wore it backwards (on accident!)

a woman in a gold and purple caftan

Yep. I thought that this part, with the V and the tassel was the front. Then Sheryl sent me a message letting me know the caftan was supposed to go another away! A little insight into that sometimes being the best dressed means making it your own- and that great things can be worn more than one way!

a woman in a gold and purple caftan
a woman in a gold and purple caftan
a woman in a gold and purple caftan and platform shoes

So, here’s what’s great about a silk dress- be it caftan or slip or shirt. It reads overdress. As in, no matter what you’re going to, in a silk dress you’ll always be on point for your events. And in some cases, you’ll be the fanciest one there- but why risk underdressing? And what I love about a caftan? They are both casual (read drinks by the pool) and fancy (read fancy cocktail parties). And the best part of silk (esp caftans?) They feel like pjs. Meaning that no matter how many people love your dress, or how fancy it is- you’ll be comfy (like pjs comfy). And paired with platforms (did you know they’re in again?!?) or even your flip flops, the silk caftan will never steer you wrong.

How to overdress sneakily? Silk. Especially a caftan. Add some platforms. Or some sandals. OR clogs (also in!)! And then indulge in the compliments. Like that you look good while feeling comfy.

I can’t recommend Silk Ranch enough. And I’ve linked similar items below. How do you overdress in a sneaky way?


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a woman in gold and purple caftan and brown platforms