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Investment Piece: Swim Fashion

In the next few months, you’ll hear a LOT about swim suits- which to buy, which are on trend, which go with the beach or the pool. I love swimwear, I know a bold statement as swimsuits are such a hard thing to shop for (the good news is that if you have a body, you have a beach body! Congrats!)

But. One of my most favorite and time honored fashion tips? Wear your swim wear as fashion wear. As in, more often than not, I wear my one -pieces as body suits. We’ve chatted about it and you’ve seen it:

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It’s not that I don’t wear one-pieces in the water, but I find that the one pieces that are special- patterns, cuts, etc- or the fantastic kind of basic- tube, etc- just make such great bases for outfits. They can make anything pop, from shorts to formal skirts.
My tips when picking a swim suit to wear as fashion?
-don’t be afraid to go big. From patterns to colors, this can be the statement pieces. It’s not a time to be shy!

-pair away. I’ve worn statement swim with cutouts and silk skirts. It will always go with jeans, but don’t be afraid to mix and match or think outside the box when it comes to mix your swim!

-Be aware of fit. If you’re going to wear a swimsuit all day, it needs to be comfortable. Straps. Torso length. This is a time to be super picky! (Also for using the facilities, pull to the side- it works!)

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I would love to know: do you wear your swim as fashion? How do you style it?
I’ve linked some of my current favorite one pieces for your shopping below!

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