Trend to Try: Summer Bags

Investment Piece: They call it Amore

I fear this may be another trend to try that’s not really a trend. Because summer bags? We know them, we love them.

There is no way I will be the first to tell you that a basket bag is something you should get. Not only is it perfect for every summer occasion (beach, bbq, rose) as you can hold all the things, it gives an air of casual-ness that I love. And yet, it’s pulled together. Basket bags are just a classic.

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Is there any one brand of basket bags? Nope. Not at all. Bag in the middle. Open. Latched, unlatched. Your options are endless, and another thing I love about a basket bag.

Another summer bag trend to try?

Investment Piece, trend to try, summer bags

Because as we know, I think that white accessories (and dresses, and jeans) are great for the summer. So why not a summer bag? They’re classic, but give off a little bit of an edge. Also, with white there is always the chance of spills, so there’s an air of danger.

*Side note, you can also use white bags in the fall. I won’t judge you. In fact, make white not only your summer bag, but your go-to color. Do you.

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Summer Bags

My favorite summer bag, though? The net. Yes, this style gained popularity last year (that’s when I got this number). Yes, there are all sorts of verisions: from the plain net (I throw a clutch or wallet in mine), the net over a bag, the net in a bag. What I love about this summer bag? It gives off the casual vibe of summer, yet manages to not be just basic. Oh, and you can use it for your groceries!

When it comes to trends and summer bags, you have options. Beach bags, tote bags, and of course, my picks! I would love to know: what kind of summer bag are you carrying?

I’ve linked bags I love below, let’s get to summering!


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Fall 2021 Trends

I’ve been thinking a lot about trends recently. And I know that often within fashion trends can be a loaded word, if we can think of trends as the fashion that’s being offered to us (and style is what we do with them), I think that trends can be something that we can get exited about- and use them (or not) to best tell our stories. This season I happen to love quite a few of the trends, and I’m looking forward to playing with them. Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorites. Of course these by no means are the only trends- as the season goes on more and more will emerge. Some of them don’t truly feel like trends, but more of an exploration of fashion we already know (see cutouts and prints, pleats and shackets). So many of these Fall 2021 trends you can buy vintage (even more to explore and play with!). There are so many ways to style all of these, and over the fall and winter seasons I can’t wait to play with these and I can’t wait to see how you play with them. I have linked some shopping options for you (Those are affiliate links and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!) and of course the best ways to shop trends (and more) with me is to follow me in the ShopLTK and ShopStyle apps (or the links in the search bar!). Now- let’s get to exploring the Fall 2021 Trends!

1990s Revival
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I’ll be honest, I have some reservations about this trend (and this picture may not be a great representation- I was going for slip dress with boots!) I remember the 1990s and feel that so many of the trends- slip dresses, plaid shirts, combat boots, straight leg jeans, have been in and out of popularity since then. I was never into the bigger shoes (I felt like they made my feet look big), but I have been playing with lug sole boots (see here), and I’ve always loved a great slip dress. Perhaps there are gems to play with in this trend? Maybe from maxi cardigans to Rachel Green inspo to chokers, there’s a way to tell our stories?

You can shop slip dresses here, lug sole boots here, and denim options here

Sweater Vests
Investment Piece: Fall 2021 Trends
This may be the trend I’m most excited about! I know- maybe I’m secretly preppy? I love a good sweater vest with nothing underneath- with pants/jeans/skirts. Sweater vest dresses. Sweater vests over chic dresses or tops. There is so much to play with and so many ways to wear a sweater vest, I’m truly looking forward to being in one all fall!

Shop sweater vests here
And because sweater vests lead to sweater dresses (another fave of mine!) -and those never go out of style, shop some of my current faves here

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I LOVE suits. They are such a chic look – from wearing menswear to a women’s tailored suit. Them being “back” means there are so many suits to explore- leather, bright hues, fancy, Classic, and so many more. This is also a great trend to buy vintage. I will be in suits in all the ways!

Shop suits here

Other trends I’m excited to explore :
-Saturated colors. I love black, but I also love playing with colors!
-Daytime sequins. We know I love to wear party dresses, what makes us think I won’t play with wearing sequins all day?
-Lavendar. One of my favorite colors and something I’m already wearing!
-Plaid. Such a standard. As are cords. I’m exited to see what new offerings we get, and how I can incorporate them into my rotation! (Again, this is a great trend to buy vintage!)

And so many more that I can’t wait to play with!

Then some trends that don’t scream me, but I’ve been known to play with:

Investment Piece: Fall 2021 Trends

If you ask, I would tell you that neon is not for me. But as you can see, there are times when I have played with neon- and I loved it!

Investment Piece: Fall 2021 trends

On certain trend lists you’ll seen great (especially lime green) named. I will tell you green isn’t my color. But I’ve been proven wrong at least once before. Is this something I should explore?

What Fall 2021 trends are you looking forward to? What trends do you hate? What trends do you maybe want to play with?

I can’t wait to explore it all with this season!

Now and Then: Lug Sole Boots

Investment Piece: Lug Sole Boots

This season there’s a “new”trend – lug sole boots. Here’s the thing, as someone who can remember the 1990s, I’m here to tell you that this is not the first time that lug sole boots are “in”, to be worn with everything from slip dresses to jeans.

Yes, I have feelings and thoughts about the 90s being back. Some of them are good. Some of them are ego based. The good news is that getting the chance to “redo” parts of my youth leaves me more free to choose what I really love. And, like many other trends, leaves me fascinated by what comes back and what trends we can buy vintage. Currently, I can’t stop thinking about lug sole boots.

Investment Piece: Lug Sole Boots

In the 90s, all the cool kids wore lug sole boots (With slip dresses and flannel). Of course, at the time, a lot of those lug sole boots were Doc Martins (I can’t tell you how much I begged for a pair but as I was growing, the cheap kind- aka knock offs- were what my parents were willing to do) or combat boots. The options this time around are more plentiful, but if you’re looking both new and vintage, all of the sudden your options become limitless!

InvestmentPiece: Lug Sole Boots

Some of the modern lug sole boots are so chic, streamlined, and perfect for dresses that I’m very tempted. Like these knee high boots from Madewell. I think they would go perfect with jeans and a blazer, or, for old time’s sake, a slip dress and some flannel.

Ironically, when this trend first came about I didn’t LOVE it. Of course, I’ve been 5’10 since I was 11 years old (yes, taller than all of the boys) and with bigger feet (about a size 9) it always felt like this style made me look bigger. Yet. When I started researching fall styles and saw this all over, from editorials to sales, I fell in love with some vintage lug sole boots. I can’t wait to wear them with my leggings and yes- even dresses. Maybe everything does deserve a second chance?

Pro tip- while I’ve linked some vintage lug sole boots for you below, some key words if you’re vintage searching yourself that are super helpful include: Lug Sole, 90s boots, Steve Madden, Doc Martin, combat boots, hiking boots, thick sole, fall boots.

What do you think? Are you pulling out old lug sole boots? Buying new? How do you feel about this trend being both a now and then situation? I would love to know all of your thoughts!

As usual, I’ve linked some of my faves- both now and then, aka new and vintage- for you below. Happy shopping!

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New lug sole boots:

Vintage lug sole boots:

The Best Jewelry Trends of 2021

I’m pleased to have a guest writer today! Let me introduce you to Suzy Walsh of House of Elegance Fashion. Today she’s been kind to share with us her top jewelry trends of 2021! I hope that you enjoy!

Check Out the Best Jewelry Trends of 2021
Quarantine, limited traveling, WFH, social distancing – The global pandemic has changed the world like never before. It’s not surprising that the fashion industry has also changed drastically in the last couple of years. Brands and designers have launched virtual shows, and fashion weeks were rather damp squibs, thanks to low-key arrangements, which obviously was the need of the hour. While masks may prevent you from showing of your lip colour, jewellery doesn’t have to wait. In this post, we are sharing the best spring 2021 jewellery trends that need your attention.

The Beaded Look
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

Colourful beads make for great statement jewellery, and you could see the trend almost everywhere. Some were layered neckpieces; others were single chains with tons of colourful breads. If you want some inspiration, check the collection of Versace, Jason Wu, and Kenneth Ize. Team these simple neckpieces with any colour or outfit of your choice. For a regular day, this could add a little bit of colour to otherwise drab outfits. View here for some colorful summer dresses! (Not a commission link!)

Pearls are Back!
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

Some years back, Chanel came up with these pearly chokers, which eventually ended up being a staple for every fashionista. Turns out, Pearls are not reserved for grandmothers anymore. Many top labels and designers used pearls in so many different ways. From danglers to minimalistic earnings, there is something for everyone. For those who want to see how the idea shaped up, check the collections of Simone Rocha and Jason Wu. You can also go for a dainty chain with a pearl pendant – timeless and classic at once!

Shoulder Earrings
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

No wonder, some of us like to go all out when it comes to trends, and this one is just for these fashionistas. Earrings, which almost play with the shoulders, were an instant hit in Spring 2021, and you could spot this trend in collections/shows of Dolce & Gabanna, JW Anderson, and Ulla Johnson, among others. Some were minimalistic and simple, while others were bold enough to create an instant statement. When you try something like this, you may want to mute everything else in the look.

Necklace Bags
Investment Piece: 2021 Jewelry Trends

If there has to be one trend that stood out in jewellery in 2021, this has to be the one. Necklace bags – that sounds weird, but the idea is effective and fun at the same time. You are basically wearing a bag around your neck, except for the fact that these are not functional bags, but meant to mimic the look. The idea came alive at Chanel, Etro, and Balenciaga, to name a few. What if you don’t find the exact trend in your regular stores? Well, all you need is a miniature bag with a long handle, and you can easily pull off the look.

Final Word
Jewellery trends are always about experimenting with new things, and we are glad that none of these trends listed above are boring or seem repetitive. Check online stores that have a bunch of designs and styles that can replicate these ideas, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

[Images Credit:]

Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger, chief editor for The House of Elegance Fashion. She regularly writes on trends, fashion, and runway styles and is an advocate of sustainable fashion.

I hope you loved this look at Jewelry trends. You can find any of these new or vintage- if you want help shopping or putting together outfits around these trends please reach out to me or Suzy at House of Elegance Fashion, we would love to help! Xo RA

Swim Fashion

Investment Piece: Swim Fashion

In the next few months, you’ll hear a LOT about swim suits- which to buy, which are on trend, which go with the beach or the pool. I love swimwear, I know a bold statement as swimsuits are such a hard thing to shop for (the good news is that if you have a body, you have a beach body! Congrats!)

But. One of my most favorite and time honored fashion tips? Wear your swim wear as fashion wear. As in, more often than not, I wear my one -pieces as body suits. We’ve chatted about it and you’ve seen it:

Investment Piece: Summer SwimSuit guide
Investment Piece: Swim Fashion
Investment Piece: Bikini Days
Investment Piece: Design in the Wild
Investment Piece: Gucci
Investment Piece: Florals

Just for starters! You can also see here.

It’s not that I don’t wear one-pieces in the water, but I find that the one pieces that are special- patterns, cuts, etc- or the fantastic kind of basic- tube, etc- just make such great bases for outfits. They can make anything pop, from shorts to formal skirts.
My tips when picking a swim suit to wear as fashion?
-don’t be afraid to go big. From patterns to colors, this can be the statement pieces. It’s not a time to be shy!

-pair away. I’ve worn statement swim with cutouts and silk skirts. It will always go with jeans, but don’t be afraid to mix and match or think outside the box when it comes to mix your swim!

-Be aware of fit. If you’re going to wear a swimsuit all day, it needs to be comfortable. Straps. Torso length. This is a time to be super picky! (Also for using the facilities, pull to the side- it works!)

Investment Piece: Jungle Heat

I would love to know: do you wear your swim as fashion? How do you style it?
I’ve linked some of my current favorite one pieces for your shopping below!

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What We’re Wearing : Flares

Every Tuesday over on Instagram (please join me! @RachelAdelicia) I “host” a little segment called “What We’re Wearing”. From Un-boxings to daily outfits to fashion I’m loving, we chat about everything and anything, especially what we’re wearing.

Last week I chatted about flare jeans. I can’t stay away from them this fall, even though I’ve always loved them. They’re the party dress of jeans, and we know that I’ve never been one to turn down a party dress!

I would love to know: what jeans are you loving this season? Are you wearing jeans? I’ll admit that lately everytime I wear jeans I feel as if I deserve an award! I’ve linked some of my favorite flares below.

(Yes, it’s an affiliate link, that does not affect the price for you though I may earn commission from them! Thank you for your support!)

Shop my picks here.

I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing!

Fall Transitional Pieces

Happy Fall! Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year, mainly as I feel like there is so much creativity to play with in our fall and fall transitional outfits! Things to play with: layers (yes, of course, sweaters and Blazers, but why not tees and turtlenecks under your summer dresses?) and shoes (wear boots with shorts!). But two of my most favorite fall transitional pieces?

Leather shorts! Wear with tees and sweaters now! Layer with tights and boots later!

Light coats as wrap dresses! (Make sure you’re comfy with how much the cover, use tape or safety pins as needed!) Dresses now and later you can use them as coats over jeans, etc!

Both of these pieces come in so many variations (and are great to buy vintage!) I’ve linked some of my current faves for you below. What is your favorite fall transitional piece?


Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

#TrendtoTry Combat Boots

If the grunge trend is back, I have mixed feelings. There are elements of grunge that I love- soft flannels, ripped jeans, slip dresses. And very randomly-combat boots.

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

Combat boots seem like something I wouldn’t like, but in real life- I love them. These were an impluse purchase many, many years ago, but they’ve become one of my favorite pair of fall boots. And now that combat boots are in style again,I can’t help but recommend them to you!

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

The thing about combat boots is that they aren’t precious, so you don’t style them as such. Throw them on with anything- dresses or jeans. Don’t think about it. Throw them on and go. They are chic and easy and had a hint of toughness that I just love.

It’s best not to over think the combat boot. They probably do go with that–slip dresses, though I love them with variations of a shirt dress like this one. Any sort of jeans. With any sort of top. As a bonus- add a blazer or a trench coat to the outfit, it’s so chic.

(I also would wear these with a wrap coat as a dress!)

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

But, one of my favorite ways to wear these boots is with my leggings. They are the perfect boots to wear to the gym, to errands, to make leggings and a t-shirt feel like a statement. Since I don’t have to worry about them getting wet, or getting scuffed, I feel like I can just throw them on and let them be. Combat boots can be both the statement of my outfit and casual shoes.

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

There is nothing your combat boots won’t go with, and I’ve found you some new ones that are so chic! I love the shorter ones, even though mine are tall. Any way you chose to wear them-tough, sweet, with dresses or leggings- combat boots may be the boots of fall. Are you trying this trend?


Note: this post may contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

What is a Nap Dress?

Investment Piece: Cinderella

It’s Nap Dress week here at Investment Piece. We’ve chatted the allure of nap dresses, sleep issues, and some of my nap dresses. One, kinda odd, thing that we haven’t really discussed?

What is a nap dress?

Investment Piece: what is a nap dress

Is a nap dress simply a nightgown you can wear outside? An updated version of a vintage nightgown or dressing gown? A vintage night gown? Any dress that is comfy enough to lounge in?

I think the answer is yes, to all of the above. While there is an “official” nap dress (see here), a take on vintage nightgowns, maybe the real answer is a nap dress is any dress that lets you relax.

I’m sure that we could define the nap dress a bit more clearly, make the definition include the juxtaposition these dresses have of innocence and appeal, the nods to nightgowns of yore. But that would leave out so many dresses that would be great to nap in- from acutal vintage dressing gowns to slip dresses. I also have sundresses that I’ve worn to bed recently, are they not nap dresses?

Investment Piece: what is a nap dress?

Since the publishing of this article about nap dresses, I have seen more and more people refer to nap dresses. And while I’ve always been a fan of PJ dressing and the Sleeper dresses (I’ve linked some for you below, they are also part nightgown-part dress!), I think this overload of nap dresses is a comment on where we are.

Most of us, especially in the States, are staying home and dressing for not going out is becoming, at least for me, a challenge. I love my clothes, I love the stories they tell, I have no qualms about dressing up for myself. But, when you don’t have to get dressed for months at a time, do you?

Nap dresses let you stay in your pjs all day, but feel like you got dressed. It’s an accomplishment that leaves you looking chic. Right now, I will take feeling accomplished and looking chic any way I can.

What is your definition of a nap dress? Are you wearing them? In fact, what are you wearing now?

One of my fave nap dresses are Sleeper dresses, and I’ve linked some for you below!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: do it all

Trend to Try: Headbands

Update: so back in January, I thought we should try headbands. Now it’s the holiday season, and I’m letting you know that headbands are a must! From adding some piazza to your hair for all those holiday dos, to hiding the fact that maybe your hair is a bit dirty, headbands are the perfect season accessory. Here are some thoughts that still ring true. I’ve updated some shopping options that are more winter friendly (like the Velvet ones! I would love to know: are you headbanding it? XO RA

Investment Piece: Headbands
Investmentpiece: Headbands

I admit that a little bit ago when I got sent a “trend watch” email and it let me know that headbands were coming back, I didn’t believe it. Then I pulled out an old black one and began wearing it during the holiday season. Then I noticed other bloggers wearing one. Then Kate (you know, the Duchess) wore one. And finally, in my past President’s Day Holiday shopping headbands were everywhere.

And my loves, it’s time. I think headbands are a trend to try.

Here’s why I’m loving them:
*You don’t have to do your hair, but it looks like effort
*Hides that you may or may not need to get your roots done (just me?)
*Hides dirty hair
*Headbands are a way to punch up an outfit

I admit it, I’m drawn to the bigger, satin headbands that seem to be popping up in my life, though I’m not against a wrap around headband either. This is the headband that has me looking for anything satin, though this is the headband that started my little obession:
Investment Piece: In my Robe

Below are some headbands I’m loving and thinking of building outfits around:

(Styling tip: I’m personally avoiding bows and a ton of embellishments as I feel like that can read a little young on me. If those are your jam, by all means rock them. Headbands are accessories so my theory is we have free reign to have some fun with them!)

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

New and winter-Ish options:

Another note: while I love some of the designer headbands, this is a trend you can try at a reasonable price! In my selections there are picks from Target/Amazon/etc!

I would love to know: are you rocking a headband?