Now and Then: Lug Sole Boots

Investment Piece: Lug Sole Boots

This season there’s a “new”trend – lug sole boots. Here’s the thing, as someone who can remember the 1990s, I’m here to tell you that this is not the first time that lug sole boots are “in”, to be worn with everything from slip dresses to jeans.

Yes, I have feelings and thoughts about the 90s being back. Some of them are good. Some of them are ego based. The good news is that getting the chance to “redo” parts of my youth leaves me more free to choose what I really love. And, like many other trends, leaves me fascinated by what comes back and what trends we can buy vintage. Currently, I can’t stop thinking about lug sole boots.

Investment Piece: Lug Sole Boots

In the 90s, all the cool kids wore lug sole boots (With slip dresses and flannel). Of course, at the time, a lot of those lug sole boots were Doc Martins (I can’t tell you how much I begged for a pair but as I was growing, the cheap kind- aka knock offs- were what my parents were willing to do) or combat boots. The options this time around are more plentiful, but if you’re looking both new and vintage, all of the sudden your options become limitless!

InvestmentPiece: Lug Sole Boots

Some of the modern lug sole boots are so chic, streamlined, and perfect for dresses that I’m very tempted. Like these knee high boots from Madewell. I think they would go perfect with jeans and a blazer, or, for old time’s sake, a slip dress and some flannel.

Ironically, when this trend first came about I didn’t LOVE it. Of course, I’ve been 5’10 since I was 11 years old (yes, taller than all of the boys) and with bigger feet (about a size 9) it always felt like this style made me look bigger. Yet. When I started researching fall styles and saw this all over, from editorials to sales, I fell in love with some vintage lug sole boots. I can’t wait to wear them with my leggings and yes- even dresses. Maybe everything does deserve a second chance?

Pro tip- while I’ve linked some vintage lug sole boots for you below, some key words if you’re vintage searching yourself that are super helpful include: Lug Sole, 90s boots, Steve Madden, Doc Martin, combat boots, hiking boots, thick sole, fall boots.

What do you think? Are you pulling out old lug sole boots? Buying new? How do you feel about this trend being both a now and then situation? I would love to know all of your thoughts!

As usual, I’ve linked some of my faves- both now and then, aka new and vintage- for you below. Happy shopping!

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New lug sole boots:

Vintage lug sole boots:

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