In defense of Gift Cards

Investment Piece: In defense of Gift Cards

There’s a rumor going around about gift cards. That they are not a thoughtful gift. They mean that you waited till the last minute. Gift cards say that you didn’t really care to get your loved one a “real gift”. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to rumors, but I respectfully disagree. Gift cards? I LOVE them. In fact, I think that gift cards are an incredibly thoughtful, real gift, and often, what your loved ones want. Don’t believe me? Let me lay out my defense of gift cards.

Fun fact? I’m a fashion gal. What this means that my Wishlist is often full of things that I can’t quite afford, or that would be too much for one person. High on my list are these Gucci shoes. I love them, and I need them. Also, I get why no one might get them for me for the holidays. Gift cards have always been a way for my loved ones to reconginze what it is that I want, and contribute to it. They are always a welcome gift, and I love knowing that while my loved ones may not want to empty the bank on my Wishlist, that they want me to get what I want.

Another fun fact? This gift card gifting doesn’t just apply to shoes. Electronics, cars, high end items, all of these might take a village to gift. And a gift card is a way of your village contributing to that big ticket item! Let’s squash the rumors, gift cards are amazing! Below I’ve listed all the times I love to give and gift gift cards. I’d love to know: what are your thoughts?

Coffee/Bar Gift Cards
During the holiday season, I tend to keep Starbucks gift cards on hand for all sorts of aqquaintances and occasions. Last minute? Yes. Thoughtless? I don’t think so. Who doesn’t like to have a cup or coffee (or a free drink). And if you’re like me, you need more than one cup to act human, so these gifts are completely thoughtful! No matter how close I am to someone, having a round “on” someone is always a treat. Gift cards for the win!

Salon Gfit Cards
Being blonde is hard work. One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received is a dear friend paying for my hair appointment. Not only did it mean a lot, and meant that my hair continued to look amazing, I felt truly seen and cared for. Service gift cards-be it for hair, waxing, facials, massages, etc, are a way to offer someone the gift of care, relaxation, and a treat that they might not gift themselves. I think that gift cards of this nature are simply amazing.

Grocery Store/Resturant Gift Cards
Real talk? Sometimes we all like food that is a little rich, literally. Be it a gift card to Whole Foods, or another grocery store, a high end restuarant, or their favorite spot, feeding someone is caring for someone. Ask any mother that you know! Ensuring that someone you care for can try a new place, or indulge in a place that they love is directly in line with the spirit of the season. Gift Cards for the Win, again!

Gift Cards to their Favorite Store
We’ve covered big ticket gift cards. And if you didn’t catch on, I’m a big believer in those. I love getting a gift card for money. Another gift card I love to open? One to my favorite store. To me it says, I know you love to shop, I know you might be picky, let me help you out while not picking out the wrong thing.

Maybe gift cards are a state of mind, or maybe I’m really picky. I’ve always received them with the thought that the giver wanted me to get something, and knew that I liked to make my own choices. Gift cards are one of my favorite gifts, and I think we need to let go of this stigma that they aren’t a great idea! Other places I love to get gift cards to? The movies, car washes, anything I wouldn’t buy for myself.

Again, I’d love to know: what are your gift cards thoughts?

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