Kitschy Valentine Gifts

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I have said before that I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Which is true. But not true in a “I hate love and celebrating it” way. More like in a “I hate that there’s pressure and you’re supposed to celebrate in a certain way” way. Both being in a relationship and being single (and also all the other types of love in your life!) should be celebrated– and while I say I don’t love Valentine’s there are certain things I do really love about the holiday.

Like Kitschy Gifts. (Obviously I like the bigger ones too, but those are always so personal!) I mean like cute seasonal socks (a fave of mine!), fun candy, candles in sweat heart patterns. The cheesy stuff that you might get from your mom or give to your BFF. I love it all. And while I want you to get the special thing you want too (even if it’s a gift from you to you), I’m rounding up some of my fave kitschy gifts that will hopefully make you smile too!

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Truly I have a thing for funny socks. And from Valentines to Easter to just socks with cute animals I love them all. And these are the perfect “little” gifts as they are mostly under $5!!

I know this is an odd choice but from specialty candy to chocolate covered strawberries- I love them all! Also- they way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach!

Scent Samples
Perfume is a traditional gift– but sometimes scents are personal. Something a friend got me onto within the past year are perfume samples (there are a ton of ways to get them, if you need help please let me know!). Samples are a way to try a new scent, give a bunch of scents, and make someone’s day. I’m linking scents I love which would make great samples!

I bet we all have opinions on heart shaped jewelry, etc at this time of year. (Mainly, it’s a no) BUT a shape (?) that I do love- from prints to jewelry to bags and more are red lips. Just this side of cheesy but a little fun! On theme but not obvious! I’m linking 2 cute lips bags below!

What I really used to love about Valentine’s Day? Those mass cards we would pass out to the entire class in elementary school. Perhaps that’s why I love a good kitsch gift- and I hope these ideas make you and your loved ones smile!


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