a close up of pink velvet mules with beaded snakes on them and jean cuffs
a close up of a woman in sunglasses and a one shoulder grey sweater
a close up of a woman in jeans
a woman in trouser jeans, a grey one shoulder sweater and pink mules in front of a brick wall
the back of a woman in jeans and a grey one shoulder sweater with pink mules walking up stairs

A wise adage? Buy the best of what you can afford when it comes to your clothes. From jeans to tees, they will fit better, wear better and look better. AKA great foundations lead to a multitude of FANTASTIC outfits. (Not to mention that the better you buy the more it lasts, the less you have to buy- great for the environment and maybe your bank account!).

So- what are your foundations? Also known as what do you reach for time and time again? For some that may be a professional outfit- and for our purposes we count everything from suits to workout sets. For some that may be a leisure outfit- from jeans to again gym sets. And of course there’s everything in between. I won’t judge any foundations (even in your under things drawer– because those foundations matter too!) As someone who is a regular gym goer and also works from home my foundations vary. But I’ve found no matter what, each time I truly invest in a great foundation the outfit and my closet are better for it.

a woman in jeans and a grey one shoulder sweater with pink mules
a woman in jeans and a grey one shoulder sweater with pink mules
a woman in jeans and a grey one shoulder sweater and pink mules

What foundations am I investing in recently? Well. I love a great pair of jeans that are both on trend and a bit classic. For me, this season, that’s a trouser jean. In a darker wash. A bit like a suit pant, a bit like a jean, and lot of chic. I love that these are just slightly oversized but not baggy. And comfy. (Ironically, these are LEE jeans. Yes, the brand from when we were kids. And yes affordable -not all the best foundations are over priced. Not to have a Bradshaw moment- but did we have it figured out in middle school?) Knits that are classic but edgy- a la one shoulder/part cape. And my go-to mules. These are Gucci and while they were an INVESTMENT I can’t tell you how often I reach for them. They are truly a foundation of my shoe wardrobe.

Within these 3 pieces? Endless options. The base or pop of almost any outfit. I almost shot this look with a silk blouse and these jeans/shoes and it would have worked. I wore this sweater with grey trousers this weekend and it was perfect. To list how many times I have worn these shoes in the past week alone is almost embarrassing. But proves that a great foundation is all you need!

What are the foundations you continually reach for? And what foundations are you investing in this season? I would love to hear about them all!

I’ve linked these exact jeans and similar shopping options for you below! XO RA

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a woman in a grey one shoulder sweater and jeans and pink mules

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