Mob Wife Aesthetic

a woman in a mink coat and big hair bun lounges on a blue couch

If you haven’t heard there’s a new micro-trend- Mob Wife Aesthetic. For those who are confused by the term “micro trend” it refers to a “small and fleeting trend usually started on social media”. Clean girl. Tomato girl. Those are a few that have come and gone in the past year. And now we have Mob Wife. While, usually I don’t adhere to these micro trends fervently- if I like parts of the aesthetic I incorporate them, wear what I have, buy what I like- but never go full in; I have to admit I’m loving the idea (and the fashion) of Mob Wife.

(Though here is a random and sort of off topic thought: I read somewhere that all of these micro trends- especially Mob Wife- talk and dress women as an accessory to men, or what a man does. I can’t stop thinking about that- and that is a completely different conversation. I don’t know that I love that thought- and we are all way more than an accessory. But I am loving wearing a lot of (faux and vintage fur!)

So. What is Mob Wife Aesthetic? It’s a bit of a response to the recent minimalist trends- as it’s maximum! It’s excess! Furs, animal prints, gold jewelry (and a lot of it!), heels, prints, corset styling. Red lips and big hair. Quilted leather and low cut dresses. Anything big. Anything on a mob movie (minus the organized crime). And a part of me is really loving it– and having so much fun with it! (which is a big part of what fashion is supposed to be!)

a woman in a leopard skirt with an off the shoulder top and black platforms and big hair
a woman in black strapless top and pants and a leopard corset in front of a rock formation
the back of a woman's hard and her hair in a French twist with a black turtleneck
a woman in a leopard print midi dress walking from a green hedge

Part of why, out of all the micro trends, I’m attracted to this one is the bigness. IT’s the fun. January is a month that asks us to give up things. From eating and drinking “cleanses” or diets challenges to spend less/not buy anything challenges, etc (and this is not me judging these, this is me making an observation), this month is often a sparse month. The weather can also be dreary. After the holidays, Jan is always a contrast. And while it may be a needed contrast, as we get to the end of the month a bit of fun, a bit of a lot is refreshing!

Another reason why I’m loving this Mob Wife Aesthetic? I’m getting to play! Mixing patterns and textures. Having fun with hair. A ton of fur and metallics. It feels a bit like playing dress up (my absolute favorite game!). There is no right or wrong way to be a mob wife. You don’t have to go big, you can simply indulge in a lot of jewelry or big jewelry or a fur coat. Wear all animal print from head to toe. Big platforms with big hair. Anything you want, as big as you want- how can that not be fun??

If you see me, there’s a chance my hair will be big. I might be in leopard prints. With fur. More than one necklace. Or maybe even a corset. Most importantly, I will be having fun- which to me is the point of the micro trends, and especially Mob Wife.

Are you participating in Mob Wife Aesthetics? How are you dressing for it? I would love to hear all your thoughts!

Below, I’ve linked some of my favorite pieces that currently fit this micro trend! XO RA

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Investment Piece: #cheetah

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