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By no means have we reached the end of my bad dating stories. (I have no idea if that’s horrifically bad or good for this series) BUT. With the world changing, and most of us (at least in the States) in such a different way of life, that I can’t help but think about how dating and break-ups have been affected. I sent this picture to a friend (who had recently ended her casual relationship) and we had a good laugh. If you’re in an area that’s being hard hit by Covid, or being badly affected by any of the current events, it has to make bad dates that much worse. Does it make good dates that much better?

I don’t have a ton of friends that are dating right now, but I do have quite a few friends who are breaking up. The break-ups seem to fall into 3 general categories:
1. Serious. Serious relationships that were in trouble and having to quarantine together and deal with (waves hand in the general direction of it all) made things worse. These are permenant break-ups that were going to happen. Even if the pandemic hurried things along.

2. Up-in-the-air. People who genuinely love and care for each other but between health and job and family stress just can’t commit right now. Will it work out later? A good chance. Do they still talk? Yep. But it’s just not the time. And you really can’t blame them.

3. The casual ending because of how they react to world events. A combo of one and two? Like my friend, who broke up with her very causal “situationship” as he had no desire to take the pandemic seriously, hated that she was choosing to do so, and felt judged by those differences. I did read somewhere that right now one good thing is that you can see right away how kind and compassionate someone is, you can see red flags easier, and can end things before anything serious starts. Were these people compatible? Probably not, but this was an easy tell.

Loves, in full disclosure I have to let you know that I’m not dating at this time. Between work and family stress and just trying to keep afloat in general, dating hasn’t even been on my radar. I’m a little more worried about seeing and hugging my friends and family again. But I do think about dating during this time.
The good: I can’t help but think it might be nice to get to know someone slowly. Really see people’s values and your compatibility. The idea of love letters melts me.
The bad: do you see each other? What about masks? All those things?
The in between: is anyone able to be their best right now? I used to be a prompt responder to texts and messages, even as an introvert loved to go out and go places. Now? It can take me a while to get back to you (because of al the reasons). Errands can be exhausting and I need time to recover. I’ve been late to zoom meetings. There are days that are so over emotional or sad or anything that I couldn’t be present for anyone else. Are the things we’re going through going to change us forever? How much grace could or should you give someone you’re getting to know in this crazy time?

I have no answers. But I do have 2 articles that have made me think- about dating and even my friendships!
Read tales from in person dating and advice from experts. What are your thoughts? Are you dating? How? How much has it changed?

Tell me all the things!

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