Keeping It Simple

Investment Piece: Keeping it Simple
Investment Piece: Keeping it Simple

When I go to shoot something for the blog,I can sometimes go overboard with my plan and the outfit. I tend to think big, and I can think REALLY big when it comes to outfits. One of the things I love about fashion is how it can make you anything you want to be.

Take this dress: part of what I loved about it was that it was simple, so you could make it anything you wanted. It fits great and the color is fantastic, shoes and accessories could change it into so many things.

When I went to shoot it, it could be so many things that I got a little overwhelmed. Should I pair it with flat sandals and show off how great it could be casually? Glam it up a bit with classic pumps or platforms? Be daring with a shoe that laces all up my leg?

The options seemed to be endless and could change everything about the outfit. I always want to showcase the absolute best outfits here, the ones that are most me at my best, and ones you can take as inspiration to be the best for you. I was completely overwhelmed. Then the answer came to me.

Investment Piece: Keeping it Simple
Investment Piece: Keeping It Simple
Investment Piece: Keeping It Simple

Keeping it Simple.
Yes, one of the reasons I loved this dress when I got it was that I could make it so many things. It would look great with any of those shoes: flats, pumps, platforms, even sneakers. This dress would look great in any way you wanted it to.

And when the time comes, I’m sure that I will wear it in all those ways.

But, right now, a majority of my time is simple. We’re at home. I’m working. I’m relaxing, I’m on the couch, I’m in the garden. And this dress is great simple, too. If a dress can do all of the things, and be stunning while simple, there’s a chance you’d love it as much as me. I realized I didn’t have to over do this dress. I could keep it simple.

And loves, that felt amazing.

I’ve linked this exact dress, as well as shoes I would wear with it. But. Let’s not be afraid of simple this week!

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Investment Piece: Keeping it Simple

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