Design in the Wild: Swimwear

Investment Piece: Design in the Wild

As we began to plan out this month’s “Design in the Wild”, not much went our way. The jeans we wanted to test out were sold out (again), my team and I had different ideas, and it really felt like it might not come together. I got nervous. Then I had a great idea: it’s been way too hot, way too soon, and all I’ve wanted to do is get in the water! My big idea: I’d wear my swim suit around and see what reaction I got!

Investment Piece: Design in the Wild

Great idea, right? And while I still think that the issue became: I already live my life this way! I’ve been wearing swim suits as street wear forever!

Investment Piece: Jungle Heat
Investment Piece: Bikini Days
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This was even one of my first blog posts: here.

From above and on Instagram (@racheladelicia) you know that I wear my swim suits everywhere, and the reaction is always great! The only comments I get are that people think it’s cute.

So my next idea: What if you wore your swim suit around and let me know the reaction? That’s right loves, this is your chance to be on Investment Piece! Wear your swim suit as part of your outfit (use any of mine for inspiration or do your own!) Take pics, take down reactions- if you want to do a series of pictures or a video, amazing! And send it to me at We’ll put you on the blog in 2 weeks!

I can’t wait to see what you send in!


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