Fashion in the Wild: Summer Inspiration

What are you doing about summer plans? Are you making them?
I’ll be honest, I’m trying to make peace with the fact that I think we might be in lockdown/quarantine/etc for a long while. And that’s both ok and not okay. I’m not booking trips, which makes me sad. But I’m planning home projects that I’m hoping make staying in fun. And of course, I’m looking for ways to keep up with friends and all the things.
So, now for another important question: what are you gonna wear this summer? I’ll be honest, there are days I’m not really changing from yoga pants, and days when I change outfits 2-3 times as I want to wear so much. My goal? To put together a summer wardrobe that feels chic, keeps me cool, and makes me feel like I’m getting dressed each day.

Inspiration can come and go, even in the best of summers when it gets so hot. So, every year around this time I take a look back at the summers before and see what worked. What inspiration can I gleam from past outfits? (It’s like window shopping but in your own closet, so you can also see what pieces you might need or outfits you can throw on today!)

Here are some of my outfits past that I keep going back to for summer inspiration:

If you need me I’ll be looking through my closet and the current sales to see what kinds of stories I want to tell this summer!
What inspires you?


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