Gift Guide: Fitness Lovers

Investment Piece: Gift Guide Fitness Lovers

Three Things you don’t mess with? My shoes, my football, and my workouts. To say that I am a fitness lover is a bit of an understatement. And as such, there are things that are on my holiday list just for my fitness needs! For all the people in your life like me, who feel as if a day without a workout is a wasted day, I’ve made this handy Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers!

Investment Piece: Gift Guide Fintess Lovers

Many of my days are spent in spin studios, yoga studios, Pilates studios, and on a treadmill. As such, many of my friends also love are fitness lovers. While putting together this gift guide, I asked for their imput: what do fitness lovers really want for the holidays? The resounding answer was a gift card or classes at their favorite studio. From Soul Cycle to Crossfit to Yoga to Pilates; getting free classes in their stocking is what most fitness lovers are hoping to unwrap. However, not everyone loves to give gift cards (my thoughts here). What else can you give? Here are some of my suggestions for your fitness lover:

Online Fitness Classes
Maybe your fitness lover is also on the go a lot, or has need to workout at home occasionally. Streaming or online classes and apps can sometimes be the answer! Some of my faves: LekFit (barre classes), Nike Training Club App, Daily Burn (A mix of workouts), Ballet Beautiful (ballet workouts), and Physique57. There are a ton out there so a good place to start is what kind of workout your fitness lover is into!

Wireless HeadPhones
We chatted about these in my Gift Guide for Travel Lovers (get it here). Maybe this because I tend to drop my phone on the treadmill, but these come in super handy on any run! Shop my favorites here.

Sponsor your Fitness Lover on a Retreat
Yoga retreats, barre retreats, surf retreats, and combos. The gyms that I love have invited me to all of them. A great gift would be a sponsor to one of these that your fitness lover is dying to go to! Again, the best place to start is what retreat your fitness lover is interested in, but from there the sky is the limit!

Still need ideas? I’ve rounded up great workout gear, shoes, yoga mats, bags, and water bottles. There’s something for every fitness lover!


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