How to Sparkle

Investment Piece: How to Sparkle
Investment Piece: How to Sparkle

How to Sparkle: Tis the season for parties. And, yes, so much of our holiday dressing involves Christmas and Hanukkah parties. Red, blue, and green are our main palettes, and we throw in plaid for good measure. A way to stand out? Sparkle. Not only at your holiday parties, but let’s not forget that we have New Year’s Eve coming; and nothing says “ring in the new” than something that sparkles.

I am a fan of sequins in all forms, and really in all seasons. Your inner light sometimes needs an outer expression. Let’s celebrate that! How to Sparkle? Don’t be afraid to sparkle and sparkle big. This top, I call it my “armor” top, it’s so full of sparkles that it’s a full statement by itself. And yes, it’s heavy. Doesn’t stop me from sparkling.

Investment Piece: How to Sparkle
Investment Piece: How to Sparkle

How to Sparkle: Let the sparkle be the statement. There are outfits that call for sparkle head to toe (and days that call for that outfit). However, I love a sparkle and an understatement. I love this top with simple silver. These pants, with the wide leg and pockets, are amazing; yet don’t take focus. Shoes that follow the theme ties the look together; and I love that these silver shoes sparkle by themselves. This combo is perfect for any holiday party and even more perfect for your New Year’s Eve. This sparkle is a way to stand out, make a statement, and yet, keep it simple.

Of course, we can find you pieces like these-these pants were originally shown on site here, you’ve seen these shoes too many times to count, and this top is from Zara many seasons ago. Also? I bet we can make an outfit like this in your current closet. You need: a sparkle item (top/bottom/dress) and then you pair it with toned items. Sequins are gold? Wear gold. Silver? Wear silver. If your sparkle is multi-colored, then I say play it safe and wear black. Easy and a statement, and we know how I feel about a Juxatipositon.

Investment Piece: how to sparkle
Investment Piece: How to Sparkle
Investment Piece: How to Sparkle

How to Sparkle: Sparkle. Even if it’s after the holidays. I believe that fashion is a little bit of magic, it can influence how you feel. Let’s not be afraid to really shine, to let people look, to make statements. And if our clothes lead the way, so be it!

I hope this look inspires your holiday wears, or your sparkle, in general. I’ve linked similar items below for your shopping pleasure! Happy sparkle!

Shop this look: here/

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Investment Piece: How to Sparkle

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