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Tis the season and we’re gifting like mad! However, here at Investment Piece we’re switching it up a little. Yes, we still have gift guides galore for you, including travel, active, last minute, and of course a gift guide for you! I also have a thought piece in defense of gift cards this Sunday. What we’re not doing? Gift Guides for Her and Gift Guides for Him. Why? Gifts can be a very personal thing (you can read about my gifting thoughts here). Also, I’m assuming that if you’re giving a gift to a man or woman in your life (both friends and more) that you have something in mind and they might have a list. So many times gift guides can be so cliche. What to get the man in your life? Whiskey stones and a tie. What to get the woman in your life? Lotion and a candle. At Investment Piece, we think men and women are more than that. There are women who love tech and men who love fashion. This year we’re “combining” men and women’s gift guides into broader categories, and today, we chat art lovers, music lovers, and fashion lovers. Give to the complicated and layered people in your life!

Art Lovers

Investment Piece: Gift Guide: Art lovers
Art lovers can be difficult to gift to, as the expectation is that they want Art. That’s a valid expectation, and I do have some print inspiration for you, but there’s so much more! From art books to Art products, here are my picks:

Music Lovers
Investment Piece: Gift Guide: FAshion Lovers
Investment Piece: Gift Guide, music lovers

Give the gift of music to the music lover in your life. Sound cliche? How about special vinyl editions of classic records, iconic band tees, and more? Does that sound better? Check out my ideas for the music lover in your life:

Fashion Lover
Investment Piece: Gift Guide: Fashion Lovers

I’m a fashion lover and I think fashion lovers are the hardest to shop for! Why? There’s usually something specific we want, and we usually are particular about our style. However, there are basics for everyone! Great boots for him and her, leather accersories, and great jackets are just some of my ideas for the fashion lover in your life!

I’d love to know: do you agree with my little rant about gift guide cliches? Do you think fashion lovers are hard to shop for? What are you shopping for?


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