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Have you gotten all your shopping done? If you have, I’m very impressed! I love doing these holiday gift guides, but I haven’t even started on my shopping! But while we’re chatting about gift guides, let’s chat about beauty gifts. Yes, there are items on this guide perfect for multiple people in your life (including the beauty lover!). Other ways that beauty gifts can help you out? Get a lipstick set, break it apart and use the lipsticks as stocking stuffers, or little gifts. (This also works with perfume sets, or any set.) Gift Guides and helpful hints! It’s your lucky day! Without further ado: My Holiday Gift Guide Beauty!

1. I’m absolutely obessed with this face oil. It leaves my skin just the perfect amount of glowy.

2. This summer I began using a perfume powder after I showered, and I fell in love. There’s something glamorous about it, they help keep you dry, and the scent is just so fragrant! Love Chanel‘s version with vitamin E.

3.Lipstick sets. From breaking the set up, to using it all yourself, there’s no wrong way to gift this! Love this refillable set from Hourglass.

4. Perfume. It can be a personal gift, it’s always a great idea to know what a person wears; however, I love this limited edition set that’s not only perfume, but a clutch! If it’s a new scent, but this special, I think it’s a great idea!

5. A great hair dryer. Confession? I hardly ever dry my hair, but when I do I care about the frizz factor, and want a dryer that works quickly. This Dyson is the best on the market, and while it is an investment, is supposed to be amazing for your hair.

6. NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device. There’s more than one article out there claiming that this device can give you face-lift results. I’m not sure about that, but when I use it, my skin is tighter, lifted, and my lines seem softer. It’s become my secret weapon for all shoots, appearances, and morning afters!

7. SkinPrint. You know I love their eye cream, cleansers, and face oil. They have more than one product nominated for Beauty awards this year. It’s a line that can absolutely change your skin and everyone on your list will love it!

Beauty Gift Guides can be a little daunting, as the products seem a little personal, and may depend on what your loved one wants! However, I truly think that beauty presents can be fun–and there’s nothing like a face mask on a holiday afternoon!

Need more ideas? From other lipstick sets to hair dryers to face masks and perfume sets, I have you covered:

Happy Shoppping! XO RA

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