Mixed Patterns

Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns

Sometimes things don’t go to plan (see yesterday’s Sunday Chronicles).

Sometimes I get hung up on ideas and they don’t come to fruition. (It rained all morning when I was going to shoot)

And sometimes, I feel the need for a theme (because who doesn’t love a theme party?).

I get asked many questions. And one of the ones that keeps popping up, and one that I ponder is: how do you mix patterns?
Because the answer to this question is not cut and dried. It’s not easy. Mixing patterns is 90% experimentation, 5% courage, and 5% formula.

Investment Piece: Art of Dress

Yes, my loves. There are those of you who read that and thought: “Yay! Rachel is going to share the secret of mixed patterns.”
And then, those of you who read that and got “Um, did Rachel just say that there is no formula for mixed patterns?”

Loves, both of you are right.

Mixed patterns are hard and a scary and intimidating thing for most of us. Even if you’re a “fashion gal”. The thing is- there are no hard and fast rules about mixed patterns. I have my options and guidelines, I also talked about them here.

Investment Piece: Todd Oldham
Investment Piece: Wrap Dress

Mixed patterns. A theme I like, and a theme maybe we all need to explore. So, this week that’s what we’re going to do. What you can expect: outfits, videos and all the tips I can give and get us about mixing patterns. Maybe we can all conquer this whole mixing patterns issues together?

First up? The best advice I can give about mixed patterns. Make someone else do it for you.
What does that mean exactly? Buy a mixed pattern dress (or skirt or top). All you have to do is wear it. Simple? Cheating? Or brilliant? Either way, it’s a mixed pattern and you mastered it. So?

This week I’ll be sharing tips and really focusing on polka dots, florals, stripes, and leopard. Have another question? Another pattern that’s a must chat about? Let me know! Between videos and outfit posts and a Facebook Live (I’ll let you know the day and time) I’ll get it in!

Below I’ve linked some of my fave mixed patterns items. Can’t wait to conquer this theme with you!

PS this weekend and the week leading up to it are some of the best sale shopping you can do! Yes, you and I are going to deal with mixed patterns, on site I’ll also be posting some of my fave sales picks (and the best sales!) Also make sure you’re on my email list, Instagram, and Facebook-I’ll be posting special sale items on those places too!

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Investment Piece: Mixed Patterns

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