Flash Back Friday: Winter Florals

Investment Piece, high fashion, HM, Club Monanco, CA, TX, blogger
Investment Piece, fashion, HM, TX, CA, florals, blogger
HM, floral, Club Monaco, Investment Piece, blogger, high fashion, CA, TX
Investment Piece, dresses, spring cleaning, fashion blogger, high fashion, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, floral, HM, Club Monaco, CA, TX, high fashion, blogger
Investment Piece, high fashion, floral, club Monaco, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, CA, TX, HM, floral, high fashion

The saying goes that so much can change in a year. And that’s true right? People come and go, we change our minds, our clothes, our shoes, our states. I take pictures of myself for a living. (Ok, that’s not all of it, but in many ways, it boils down to that) So, I’ve developed this weird fascination of looking back at what I was wearing a year ago: do I still love it? do I still wear it? do I still have it? It makes FlashBack Friday’s and Throwback Thursday’s both morbid (like an autopsy) and fun. What I was I wearing a year ago? This winter floral dress. And I do still love it. And I do still have it. However, I don’t wear it often. Here’s the great thing about looking back: it can remind me what I have, and encourage me to wear it!
What I originially wrote:

We’ve had spring florals and fall florals–why not winter florals? I have to say, I love these moody florals, the darks and the pops of color–I like that it’s completely season appropriate but it feels fresh. Especially when you pair them with pop of color shoes. And the frills and the back? Amazing! (Loves, this is where I confess that I had this dress altered, we opened the back a bit and took in the waist some) The price is what really makes this dress stunning –it’s HM, yes, HM. Perfect for any thing this winter can throw at you!

(Side Note: let’s not sleep on HM ever! Some of my most recent finds there are showcased here, here, and here)


I’ve updated my winter floral shopping picks (these are affiliate links, I do receive some commission on these, though there is no change to your price!) There are some great, and very similar HM winter floral dresses!

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