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a woman in a silk snake print shirt, black leather skirt, hose, brown belt and brown suede platforms
a woman in a silk snake print blouse and skirt with a wide brown belt, black hose and brown suede platforms
a woman in a black turtleneck sweatshirt, snake print silk skirt, black hose and brown suede platforms

One of the (many, many) reasons I always say I love a set? All of the styling options it gives you. You can wear the set together, wear the pieces apart, come up with so many different feeling outfits that the looks can seem endless. But. What if you’re finding an outfit formula that works for you? Or you’re traveling and looking to pack light? Or really love the feel of a look but don’t want to wear the same thing every day? A set is your best friend here too- as it can give you 3 looks in 1.

All of these looks are the same formula-skirt and top with hose and platforms. (If you wanted to you could switch up shoes and belts, but I wanted to show the uniform here!) Yet- from a sweatshirt to leather to the silk set, they all look different, for being a 3 in 1. I’m all for exploring different looks- and I do wear these pieces in VASTLY different ways, both together and separately. Yet, when it’s cold or you just want an outfit you can count on, it’s lovely (and a bit comforting) to know that one set can give you the same go-to outfit in 3 different ways.

(Note: This silk set is vintage Flora Kung. If you’re not familiar, Flora Kung was a Korean designer in the 1980s known for her pops of color, patterns and exquisite silk. You can find her pieces everywhere from eBay to Postmark and all resale sites in between. The silk in these pieces are such high quality but I find the prices on Flora Kung are incredibly reasonable. I got this set for $20!)

a woman in a black turtleneck, silk snake print skirt, black hose and brown suede platforms
a woman in a silk snake print blouse and skirt, brown belt and black hose and brown suede platforms
a woman in a silk snakeprint blouse a brown belt, black leather skirt , black hose and brown suede platforms

Any of these 3 outfits would be great for work, or cocktails, dinner plans, or even just errands. I’m such a fan of a great skirt (it’s one of my go-to’s) and these easy 1 outfit formula feels fresh in every version. I love the mix of textures- silk and leather, sweatshirt and silk– and I’m a fan of hose (or socks) with open toe heels. Of course, the options, even for this 1 outfit formula are endless. Mix and matching, creating outfits, is something that brings me great joy– but I also know that sometimes endless options are overwhelming. With every set I have I love giving myself a go-to outfit formula that will work with all parts of the set. Mornings when I’m running late, feel as if I have nothing to wear, or need to change quickly- a 3 in 1 set/outfit formula is such a great thing to have in your back pocket (or fave bag!).

What are some of your favorite ways to wear your sets? Do you find yourself having an outfit formula for some of them?

This set is vintage, but I’ve linked you some similar options for all 3 in 1 looks below! XO RA

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